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How to Wash a Jacket: From Rain Jacket to Down

From down puffers to waterproof raincoats, you can wash most jackets at home. Learn how to wash a jacket with this easy guide.

If your jacket is starting to look (or smell) like it’s been on one trip too many, a good washing can do even more than remove dirt. From down coats to rain jackets, many types of outerwear perform better after they’ve been cleaned. 
Signs It’s Time to Wash Your Jacket:
• If your down jacket feels less warm, thinner or heavier, it probably needs a wash.
• If your rain jacket isn’t repelling water anymore, or if it feels muggy or stuffy to wear, it’s time to wash it.
Can You Wash a Rain Jacket at Home? Yes!
After lots of wear, you might notice your waterproof jacket isn’t keeping you dry like it used to. Not to worry – sometimes a thorough washing is all you need to get your raincoat performing like new. 
These are the supplies you’ll need:
• Rain jacket
• Washing machine, preferably front-load. Top-loading washing machines usually have agitators that can be too rough on technical fabrics. 
• Waterproofing detergent.
• Optional: Additional waterproofing agent for conditioning after washing. 
Here’s how to wash your rain jacket: 
1. Read the label for washing instructions. Most standard rain jackets can be machine-washed, but it’s a good idea to double-check.
2. Clean out the pockets of your jacket and remove anything detachable, like straps or zipper pulls. 
3. Zip closed any zippers on the jacket, on the pockets or at the front.
4. Put your rain jacket in the washing machine and add waterproofing detergent. Check your detergent bottle for instructions on how much detergent to add. 
5. Wash your jacket on the machine’s gentle setting in cold or lukewarm water.
6. Remove your clean, wet jacket and shake it out gently. 
7. Let your jacket air dry on a hanger or a drying rack.
8. Once the raincoat is dry, test it by spraying it or splashing it with water. If the water beads up on the outside of the jacket, it’s water-repellent. If it soaks into the jacket, it will need to be waterproofed again.
9. If necessary, treat your washed jacket with a water-resistant protective agent. 
How to Wash Your Down Jacket 
Whisper-light down filling insulates by trapping warm air. Regular cleanings keep this filling clean, dry and fluffy – holding more warmth and less weight. Luckily, you can wash your down jacket in a washing machine any time it needs a little refreshment. 
This is everything you need for washing a down jacket at home:
• Down jacket
• Front-loading washing machine. The agitators in most top loaders can damage down coats.
• Down-specific laundry detergent.
• 2-3 clean tennis balls
Here’s how to wash your down jacket:
1. Read washing information on the label. Most down jackets can be washed in a front-loading machine in cold or lukewarm water. However, your jacket’s tag will have specific instructions.
2. Clean out the pockets and remove anything detachable from your jacket, like straps or zipper pulls.
3. Put your down coat in a front-loading washing machine and add detergent according to the instructions on the bottle.
4. Wash your jacket on the machine’s gentle setting in cold or lukewarm water. 
5. Remove your clean, wet jacket and shake it out gently. 
6. Place it in the tumble dryer with 2 or 3 clean tennis balls. The motion of the tennis balls will help fluff the down filling again.
7. Dry your jacket on the dryer’s ultra-low heat or air-dry setting. Every ten or fifteen minutes, remove your jacket from the dryer and shake it out. This will help distribute the down filling evenly.
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adidas / November 2020
3 Minute Read