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5 Ways To Walk More Without Noticing

Take your walking game to the next level. Get moving with adidas and learn five fun and creative ways to walk more in your daily life.

What type of walker are you? Are you the romantic sunset stroll type, or an early morning laps around the track type of walker? Perhaps you do a daily hot girl walk where you throw on your best workout set, tune out the world with your headphones, and hit the pavement to work up a sweat and get your steps in. Or maybe you’re just figuring out how to walk more and are eager to get active throughout your day.
With such a low barrier to entry, walking for exercise has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. A cool trend on social media and one of the only activities many of us were able to partake in during the pandemic, the benefits of walking are vast. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking regularly can help strengthen your immune system, burn fat, and prevent or reduce chronic illnesses like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Boost your energy levels and overall health and wellness by learning how many steps you should be taking in a day, as well as fun ways to walk more in your daily life.

How Many Steps Per Day Is Healthy?

There are a lot of trendy and contradicting opinions on how many steps you should take a day. Social media says you should be getting 10,000 steps a day. Your grandmother says 5,000 is enough, so what’s the truth? Technically both.  
The CDC recommends about 2.5 hours of physical activity a week. This means that you should walk for about 21 minutes daily to stay healthy. However, this is just a baseline. Working up to 10,000 steps a day is a phenomenal health goal and will do wonders for your mental and physical health. Research by the National Institutes of Health found that taking 8,000 or more steps daily has profound health benefits. Walking this much reduces high blood pressure and increases heart health. But how do you get 10,000 steps a day? 

How Do You Get 10K Steps A Day?

Challenge yourself to get 10k steps in a day by walking more regularly. By tracking your steps with a smartwatch or step counter app, you’ll know where you are starting and can track your progress. Incorporate walking into your daily life whenever you can. Take a walk during your lunch break and take the stairs instead of the elevator. These steps may seem small, but with consistency and dedication, they’ll get you to 10k steps a day.

Challenge Accepted: Five Ways To Walk More

Figuring out how to get more steps in a day may seem daunting, but with these five simple ways to walk more, you’ll have fun doing it!

1. Make It Social

Lean into your multiplayer mode and walk more by making it social. Go on an evening walk with your friend or family to get some fresh air and your steps in. Convince your partner to walk to the bar or restaurant instead of driving. Make walking a thing you do with loved ones and it won’t feel like a workout at all.

2. Opt For The Stairs

Get more steps in a day by taking the stairs whenever you can. Consider the stairs instead of the escalator if you're at the store. Ditch the elevator and walk up to your apartment. Taking the stairs may seem small, but every little step counts when you're on a journey to walk more.

3. Embrace The Seasonal Walk

A fantastic benefit of walking is the time you can spend in nature. Whether you're walking around your neighborhood looking at Christmas decorations, admiring fall foliage, visiting a historical building in your city, or witnessing the spring cherry blossoms bloom in the park, seasonal walks are a wonderful way to get your steps in.

4. Switch Up Your Commute

The next time you’re headed to school or work, consider walking, especially if the weather is nice. Mix up your commute! Walk to the train or bus stop and get off one stop early so you can get your steps in. If walking isn’t an option, take the train or the bus. It may seem small but taking public transportation instead of driving makes the steps add up, helping you reach your step count goals.

5. Follow The Half Mile Rule

Whether it’s a quick trip to the store or a visit to your favorite coffee shop, hit the maps app before you head out. Map out the distance from your house to the destination and if it’s less than half a mile away, walk there!

It's Time To Walk

Adding unique ways to walk more into your daily routine is a certified way to get your steps up and eventually rack up 10,000 steps a day. Start small but be consistent and dedicated. Create a walking goal list to hold yourself accountable. Set a goal to walk a mile per day. If you’re unsure how long it takes to walk a mile, don’t fret! For guidance, reference our editorial on how long it takes to walk a mile! Remember, every step counts.
Illustrations by Nick Little