Baseball Cleats

Take off after a hit and catch that long fly ball in adidas baseball cleats. Durable baseball shoes provide secure footing at bat and the traction you need to make the key out and reach extra bases.

adidas Baseball Cleats

Show what you can do on the diamond with a pair of baseball cleats from adidas. Whether you're making plays on the infield, dealing from the mound or raking at the plate, you can pick from our selection of baseball cleats to give you that edge to put your team on top. Baseball cleats like the Adizero Afterburner have a soft textile upper that molds to your feet for a comfortable feel. A LIGHTLOCK upper keeps your feet snug, while the Lightstrike midsole cushions upon impact without adding weight, letting you make that explosive turn for extra bases. Put them on and make that highlight-reel catch or gain those crucial split seconds to get the out. Carefully-placed metal cleats give you the traction you need to get your footing just right to turn the double play, sling it from the outfield or deliver that devastating fastball to strike out your competition.

The turf version of the Adizero Afterburner shoes has a lower profile and is meant to be worn on artificial grass. These baseball turf shoes have a molded outsole ideal for a shorter surface that can't take the punishment of pointy studs. They also have a widened lacing system to lock in your foot and eliminate any side-to-side movement. Synthetic overlays are super durable and hold up to rigorous training sessions. Put on these baseball sneakers to take batting practice, hit some balls in the cage, practice your glovework or use them to play in turf fields so you can get the optimal traction at all times. The Afterburner is made with the fastest players in mind, those who use speed as their main weapon. Put on our baseball footwear and burn up the base paths with blazing speed.

Baseball shoes like the Icon are made for heavy-hitters and dynamic players that make explosive moves on the field. That could be a home run swing, a gapper over the infield to bring in the winning run or the devastating throw to home plate to keep the other team in check. There's more to explosive movement than just pure speed. These adidas baseball cleats keep you fast, while giving you the stability you need to increase power. The upper is tailored to feel like a natural extension of your foot, so you can move freely between base paths and make defensive plays that prove you have those gold-glove instincts. Lightstrike offers superlight cushioning for dynamic movement while a molded sockliner adapts to every step you make on the field. The pull tab on the heel extends into the sidewall to help give you a locked-in feel from the first pitch till the last out.

Now that you've seen the different types of baseball shoes, it's up to you to choose which is best tailored for your game. If you're a speed player that uses his quickness to turn a single into a double or an outfielder that needs to cover ground quickly, the Adizero Afterburner might be the baseball sneakers you need. If you're a power-hitting catcher, a hard-throwing pitcher or a defensive third baseman that needs a strong plant foot to deliver in the clutch, the Icon delivers that invaluable power transfer you need to make those highlight-reel plays to keep your team in the game. Stay focused, look for your pitch or play with loft to give your team that much-needed lift at the plate. No matter what position you play, adidas baseball shoes are the key to unlocking your true potential, so check out our selection of styles and colors to take your game to the next level.

Baseball Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

Baseball cleats come with metal cleats, synthetic (molded rubber or TPU) cleats or a textured turf outsole. Metal cleats, also called spikes, offer maximum traction, as they easily dig into the ground. Synthetic cleats offer similar traction but are less likely to cause injury in case of falls or collisions with other players. For this reason, many amateur and youth leagues require synthetic (nonmetal) cleats. Turf shoes have the look and comfort of regular athletic shoes while still providing textured grip via the rubber outsole.
The main difference between baseball cleats and football cleats is that they’re designed to support different movements. Baseball cleats have a spike structure made to provide traction while batting, throwing and running on dirt. Football cleats have spikes for rough play and sudden movements on grass and turf. Football cleats are also built with more padding for protection in the high-contact sport, while baseball cleats are lightweight and have less padding.
A good baseball cleat has spikes for digging into the dirt. Metal cleats are most