Back To School High Tops

Step into the year with fresh style, thanks to back-to-school high tops that do it right. From sporty to sleek, you'll find shoes to complement any look.

adidas Back To School High Tops

When summer break ends, school begins. And that means you've got a fresh chance to step into new style with back-to-school high tops. One of the most popular picks for footwear, high top sneakers give you comfort, style and durability all in one. They typically offer more ankle support and stability than low-cut sneakers, making them a good choice for everything from walking the halls between classes to playing basketball after school. The back-to-school high top shoes from adidas are made with quality materials that will last the entire year and beyond, so you can stay confident in comfort day after day.

One of the best parts about high top kicks is finding the style that best represents you. It's all about letting your personality shine. Showcase your individuality and sense of style. Go for a classic look with sporty vibes, or turn up the energy with pops of color or a pattern. You'll be able to mix and match your footwear with almost any outfit โ€” they even go with a more formal look on the days you feel like dressing up. Check out our entire collection of back-to-school high tops to find the look that's just right for you.