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adidas Athletic Skirts & Dresses

Your style on the green has met its perfect match: an athletic, sporty fit from our selection of athletic skirts & dresses. Whether you're looking for a skirt to go 18 holes or a fitted dress that won't get in the way of your tennis swing, you can be sure to find a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from in our collection.

Game. Set. Match. The right tennis dress is about to be served. From the backcourt to the baseline, a professional tennis dress is an iconic addition for any serious player. With the y-elastic strap to give your shoulders maximum swinging motion, you'll feel full confidence on the court. A built-in bra and tights complete this essential addition to take your game to new heights. Among our on-court essentials, the tennis match skirt helps keep you free to move and stay cooler even under the hottest conditions. With HEAT.RDY, you're not just fielding the heat, you're staying fresh. A wide waistband delivers extra comfort, and the built-in tights give you that extra coverage. We designed special skirt cuts to help open up movement so you can stay focused on the ball. With heat-resistant tech, each of our dresses come ready to play. In our Club collection, you'll add some breezy charm to your wardrobe. A sporty pop-up dress that catches the eye is the perfect introduction to the game for the next generation. Its moisture wicking AEROREADY designs and mesh inserts make a pretty good team.

adidas has perfected the athletic golf skort to help you master the game. The skort features a generous high-performance fabric, allowing you to take complete advantage of distraction-free play while you're on the green. Give it your best swing with comfort and confidence. Frill skorts are designed to move with you, featuring an elastic mesh waistband and grippy undershorts that also keep you firmly on the ground. The ventilated, textured fabric of the Seersucker skort is an elegant and stylish alternative when you're ready to try something new on the fairway. Each one of our skorts are an essential part of a golfer's game because to play at your best, you have to feel your best. Keeping you cool with AEROREADY technology, we aim for comfort and a dependable layer when the sun comes out. A tough day under the sun will challenge even the most experienced player. And it's days like those that we had in mind when we designed our skorts with an added layer of protective UV coverage. No matter what option you decide, when it comes to athletic skirts & dresses it's always about keeping it classy and iconic.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, our selections of athletic skirts & dresses offer something for everyone. With a variety of fits from slim to plus sizes, from elegant to sporty styles, you'll enjoy the perfect fit and bring your best self to the green. In a game of precision and focus, every golfer brings a unique style to their game. Shouldn't your golf dress reflect that? From ruffled and printed patterns to solid neutral colors, we made sure to design a range of new and eye-catching ways to show off your passion for the game. Breathable fabrics and comfortable designs are just one of a few winning combinations we've come up with. We also made sure it was easier than ever to pair any of your dress choices with a matching set of spikeless golf shoes or breathable polo shirts. That means you won't have to ruin your look just to play through 18 holes. You'll keep cool and look your best, just like the pros, even on the days when you're shooting in the rough.