Artificial Grass soccer cleats


Play your way

For modern soccerers, artificial grass is a part of playing the sport. That’s why you need to have footwear that’s ready for the challenge, as can be found with these artificial grass soccer cleats from adidas. Including some of the most recognizable models in the world of soccer cleats, they have been designed for playing on an artificial grass surface, offering optimum comfort, support and traction as you express yourself on the field. With adidas artificial grass soccer cleats, you don’t have to worry about your footwear. You can simply go out and play your game.

Engineered with excellence

With decades of experience in equipping the world’s greatest players, adidas brings their expertise in design and engineering to this collection of multi-ground soccer cleats. Lightweight TPU outsoles offer the best grip and movement on artificial grass, and with other innovations such as Primemesh and Controlskin uppers you can find the perfect pair for taking your game to the next level. Designed to complement the anatomical qualities of the foot as well as the demands of the modern game, these artificial grass soccer cleats will let you be your best the next time you’re on the field, from the first whistle to last.

Choose your icon

Worn by the world’s best, these artificial grass soccer cleats not only let you play your best but also make a statement. Predators are for those players who take control – from the first touch to the final pass, it’s all about dominating the game and making your mark. If you’re used to flying down the wings then X is your boot, while Nemeziz is the secret weapon of serial skillers. Designed to optimize your playing qualities and offered in a wide selection of colorways and designs, here with adidas you can find the perfect artificial grass soccer boot to suit your style.