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3/4th Length Pants


¾ pants for the long and short of fashionable athleisure wear

If your personal style wavers between the traditional and the contemporary, then we have a collection of ¾ pants for all your weekday, weekend and in-between adventures. The explosion of this fashion trend has created a niche in athleisure wear and our collection is geared towards those who appreciate the long and short of the matter. ¾ pants are trendy wear for joggers, soccer players and basketball enthusiasts who relish wearing pants over shorts but enjoy the cooling effect created when air contacts the lower leg, and they are praised by weightlifters as a practical choice for arduous leg training days at the gym.

For all your summer activities, ¾ pants for the entire family

Capri-style ¾ pants are also fashionable wear for summer picnics on the common, as well as summer music festivals in the park or at the beach where you don’t need to worry about rolling up the legs to keep them clean. Available in a generous range of sizes so they can be worn by any member of the family, some models of these ¾ pants are enhanced by a roomy crotch area that allows increased freedom of movement, while others use a cotton/polyester interlock to hug your hips and thighs so they mimic your every move and zip from hips to ankles for that skinny effect.

When adventures come calling, make sure you're wearing adidas ¾ pants

Mesh ventilation inserts and ribbed lower legs adorn several models of our adidas ¾ pants to keep your muscles cool when you enter the game, while the gathering ensures your pants will hold their position from the first whistle to the last. Additional features of our product line include elastic waistbands with or without a drawstring, slit pockets, as well as zip pockets to accommodate your hands or your valuables and tapering for a clean, sporty aesthetic so that when adventures come calling during the week or on the weekend, you’ll be appropriately dressed to take advantage of them all.