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3/4 Length Pants, Tights & Shorts


¾ shorts from adidas

If you’re training and torn between full-length pants and shorts, why not try a pair of ¾ shorts from adidas? Whether you’re relaxing, on the way to the gym or going for a run, adidas ¾ shorts are the perfect option for a range of activities. These mid-length pants have been designed for men, women and children and include a range of styles such as leggings, joggers, tights, tracksuit bottoms and pants. Whatever your style and sport, you can train confidently both indoors and outdoors in a high-quality pair of ¾ shorts, come rain or shine. Layer them under your shorts for added warmth and protection or wear separately as part of your gym gear. Our versatile calf-length shorts are designed to support you during every workout and offer extra features to help you perform better, on and off the pitch, like zip pockets for valuables, drawstring waists for comfort and mesh inserts to keep you cool.

Adaptive clothing

Depending on the type of training you do, you need to pick a pair of ¾ shorts from adidas that can adapt to the conditions around you. With in-built technology, adidas ¾ shorts work with your every movement. Regular-fit ¾ tracksuit bottoms are perfect for high-intensity workouts and will keep you cool and dry in warmer weather thanks to ventilating technology. Runners will appreciate ¾ tights with smooth flatlock seams to reduce chafing and a mesh-like construction for breathability. When you’re training on the pitch, choose a pair of shorts with ribbed lower legs so that they stay put during activity, or opt for a pair with tapered legs which provide consistent and distraction-free mobility. Ideal for yoga and day-to-day wear, ¾ shorts that offer a loose fit at the hips and thighs as well as a dropped crotch provide the ultimate comfort and allow your legs a full range of motion.

Get the all-round versatility of adidas 3/4 shorts

Completely own your gym session or fitness run in adidas 3/4 shorts. They’re made from close-fitting combinations of recycled polyester and elastane, giving them a snug yet stretchy feel so that you have maximum range of movement – while giving your muscles a bit of extra support. Elastic waists are reinforced with secure drawstrings. Some models have pre-shaped knees for extra personalized comfort, and they all have our moisture-absorbent and sweat-wicking properties to help keep you cool and dry no matter how hard you push, indoors or out.

3/4 Length Pants, Tights & Shorts Frequently Asked Questions

Capri pants and 3/4 pants are both a kind of pants whose hems fall between the knee and ankle. They're shorter than full-length pants, but longer than shorts. They may also be referred to as ankle pants, since the cropped length exposes the ankles.
3/4 pants are pants that are three-quarters as long as a standard pair of pants. That means they end between the knees and ankles. Three-quarter pants and leggings are popular for workouts and training, since the exposed skin allows for extra airflow and comfort. They're also stylish and let you show off your sneakers.
Consider the occasion when styling three-quarter-length pants. If comfort and movement are your priority, 3/4 pants match perfectly with a tank top, sweatshirt and athletic sneakers. But they also vibe well as part of a casual, chic outfit. You can pair cropped pants with a blouse or soft linen fabric for an effortless, flowy look. Play with the proportions — you can tuck in your top to visually lengthen your legs. The short length lets your footwear shine, so don't be afraid to wear heels, loafers or wedges with your capris.