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Wool hoodies

Don’t let the chilly winter hold you back from enjoying the outdoors. Whether it is a winter outdoor sport or a street walk on Christmas eve, wool hoodies prove to be your best friend. Relieving you from the bulky and heavy coats or jackets, wool hoodies provide you with warmth and comfort at the same time. The sleek design allows unobstructed and limitless movement, and the high-quality wool material protects against the freezing air. The robust stitching and quick zips make them convenient to take on and off. Every hoodie possesses the adidas DNA and are made of soft and supple material powered with modern technologies to add to your comfort. The thin and warm stuff, along with fitted cuffs, keeps your arm and upper body temperate. When your body is heating up and is sweating, the sweat-absorbing technology and breathability keeps you dry during your workout. You can use the drawstrings to adjust the hood to snugly fit over your head and impede the cold breeze.

Choose the best hoodies

Wool hoodie models in the adidas collection are immensely diverse in terms of styles, size, and fits. The range delivers something to every style and personality type. While a woollen sweatshirt or pullover with a hood is favoured for casual street fashion, you can also find sport-specific wool hoodies for running, golfing, etc. You can pick a solid color to blend with office or classroom ambience or opt for a patterned one for the streets. If you pick a slim fit, it hugs your body and keeps it cozy. Loosely fitted wool hoodies, on the other hand, allow you to put on inner layers while maintaining the overall edgy look. Pick a cropped design to add more oomph and youthfulness to your attire. If you are looking for a more practical design that would keep your accessories safe and your hands completely free, go for wool hoodies with spacious kangaroo or zip pockets. Enjoy your sports and spread your charm in the celebrations this winter with impeccable comfort and style with the adidas wool hoodies.