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Women's White Stan Smith Shoes

Dress them up. Dress them down. Women's white Stan Smith shoes go with anything. Their clean court style is the perfect foundation for your self-expression.

adidas Women's White Stan Smith Shoes

As clean and classic as you can get, women's white Stan Smith shoes keep those lawn tennis vibes alive and kicking. Originally sported in the 1970s by their Grand Slam winning namesake, they were known for their low-profile leather upper, which came with signature ventilation holes where the 3-Stripes would normally be and regulation green and white colorway. However, in the last 50 years they have become so much more than simply tennis shoes. In fact, you're just as likely to see them heading down the catwalk or pounding the city streets as you are gracing the court.

This selection of women's white Stan Smith shoes keeps that crisp core color of their sporty ancestors, but they change up other areas of their game. Their wide range of upper builds and styles, some standing out with flashes of bold color, offer something to suit every taste. Similarly, a variety of midsoles and outsoles make for rides that will feel markedly different to the original low-profile tooling. And that means you can find your own way to enjoy one of sport's all-time classic shoes. Shop our wide range of women's white Stan Smith shoes right now and lace up a legend.