Women's Training, Workout & Exercise Shorts

Whether you're flowing through Vinyasa class or racking up kills on the volleyball court, women's training shorts are made for all the ways you move.
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adidas Women's Training Shorts

Push your limits and find your strength in women's training shorts from adidas. Made with breathable, stretchy fabric, these women's athletic shorts are designed to help you move freely and stay comfortable, whether you're on the running track or the rowing machine, lifting weights or lunging into Warrior Pose. AEROREADY technology manages moisture levels to help you stay dry as the intensity cranks up. Some women's workout shorts are made with Techfit for a sleek, compressive feel. Wear them on their own or layer them under track pants on your way to the gym. The streamlined style works well for all types of exercises. Lean into every stretch and pedal like you mean it in women's gym shorts that support your every move. Mesh panels in key areas let air flow to keep you cool and comfortable through the toughest sessions.

Women's training shorts from adidas are designed for athletes of all disciplines. Get the most out of your training sessions with shorts made from soft, lightweight fabric that keeps you comfortable as you move your body and find your power.

Women's Training, Workout & Exercise Shorts Frequently Asked Questions

When considering what shorts to work out in, think about what type of activity you’ll be doing. High-quality performance workout shorts for women should have moisture-wicking or cooling techs, such as adidas AEROREADY and HEAT.RDY. Compression shorts help reduce chafing and provide muscle support, especially during sweaty, intense workouts. Two-in-one shorts, with a loose-fit outer and tight-fit inner layer, keep you covered and comfortable. Side-split shorts with a built-in liner are breathable and free-feeling and ready for a run. The best workout shorts are the ones you feel confident in from that first lunge to the last.
Some studies have found that compression shorts work by reducing muscle vibration and enhancing blood flow during exercise. This can help reduce inflammation and muscle pain. Researchers say the shorts can also improve muscles’ temperature regulation. Some people find that wearing compression shorts after a run or workout reduces muscle soreness. Compression workout shorts for women can also help minimize chafing while giving a hugged-in feel that makes for a distraction-free workout.
If your compression shorts fit well and aren’t too tight, you can wear them for as long as you like, especially if the material is breathable and sweat-wicking. Wearing the shorts for an hour or two after a workout may help ease muscle soreness. Probably the best rule is to listen to your body and wear the shorts as long as they feel comfortable. If you find they help reduce soreness, test out what length of time works best for you. And if you just like wearing them, keep them on a little longer!