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Women's Gym & Training Shoes

Run, squat, jump, lift. Do it all in women's training shoes from adidas. With advanced technology and supportive designs, you're set up with total comfort.

Designed for strength training

Your footwear is your foundation for strength, so step into the gym with the Dropset 3 and boost performance with controlled stability.
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adidas Women's Training Shoes

Raise your game with adidas women's training shoes. Walk, run, cycle, lift. However you stay active, lace up in the 3-Stripes to move with confidence. Designed to keep you feeling light on your feet, adidas women's training sneakers are created with soft underfoot cushioning so you can train over and over again without a worry. Comfort is key when it comes to quality footwear, so we made sure your feet are always supported with every step. Make every mile your best. Our front-runner, adidas Boost, will give you a burst of energy with every step, perfect for long days on your feet and propelling you to the finish line.

Supportive uppers will make sure you get the help you need without restricting your movement. The lightweight, breathable materials of adidas workout sneakers are made for sweaty workouts, making sure your feet never overheat or suffer. And you can grip to the floor, whatever the surface. Slick bottoms are perfect for indoor court traction, and running spikes are great for outdoor tracks when speed is everything. Volleyball shoes will give you the power to jump high and land with ease. Check out all of our sport-specific footwear to get shoes tailored to your needs and preferences. When you're not training to be your best, Ultraboost sneakers are great for winding down in undeniable comfort. So whatever your game, lace up and lock in for success. Tackle life one step at a time with adidas women's training shoes.

Women's Gym & Training Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Wear your cross trainers for workouts that include a mix of activities and movements, like jumping, lifting, rope climbs, Zumba, basketball and running. Cross-training shoes are made specifically for multi-directional movement, so they’re ideal for the variety of moves in a HIIT workout at the gym or at home. Cross trainers also work well for short runs.
Where running shoes are designed for heel-to-toe movement and shock absorption at the heel, cross-training shoes are made with multi-directional movement and a greater range of motion in mind. Cross-trainers typically have more cushioning in the forefoot to support landing on your toes, like in jumping jacks or high-knees intervals. Their soles are generally a bit wider than the soles on running shoes to support lateral movements like a basketball player’s shuffles and sharp cuts. Cross-trainers are fine to wear for short runs.
Cross-trainers are versatile all-around fitness shoes that are made for movement in multiple directions. The shoes typically provide sturdy heel support and thick midsoles for grip and a stable foundation for moves like squats, plus an upper that will stand up to a range of activities. Cross-training shoes are great for HIIT-style workouts at the gym or at home. They’re also designed to support short runs.