Women’s Training Gear: Up to 65% Off

Get motivated for your next workout in adidas gym clothes and workout shoes. Whether you're all about cardio or are planning to pump iron, we have the breathable, lightweight tank tops, leggings, sports bras and shorts that you need. Grab a pair of boxing shoes or some weightlifting gear today. It's time to end the season with a big win. Stock up on tons of gear with discounts of up to 65%, including full price and sale items while supplies last. No code needed. Sale ends 12/9.
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adidas Women’s Workout Gear

Get ready to take on the world of fitness with adidas women's workout clothes and shoes. Whether you're a gym lover or fitness fanatic, or you are just getting into training, the right gear is essential for being at your best and taking you where you want to be. With adidas women's workout clothes and shoes, you can be dressed head to toe in quality materials, so you're always ready for a workout. Bras and tops will give you that vital support when you need it, and keep your focus on what's really important. Tights and leggings will keep you comfy and flexible so you can smash deadlifts and squats with ease. A quality pair of training sneakers will keep you bouncing all day and light on your feet when you need to be.

Our innovative technologies result in the perfect materials to keep you cool during even the sweatiest workouts. Look for adidas AEROREADY, our frontrunner designed to absorb moisture and keep you dry all day. And with so many styles, colors and designs constantly being developed, you can look as good in the gym as you do out of it. Take your training to the next level with adidas women's training clothes and shoes.


Learn more about HIIT workouts and how this effective cardio method is the simple secret to burning maximum calories in under 30 minutes.

Women’s Training Gear Frequently Asked Questions

The best clothes for women to wear to the gym are lightweight and breathable. Women’s workout clothes that layer easily are a good choice. For example, a sports bra, tank top and tights, with a hoodie or jacket to throw on top pre- and post-workout. Choose a bra with the right support for the activity, such as high support for running and HIIT.
The best leggings for spinning are breathable and fit close to the body so they don’t get snagged on equipment. Look for women’s workout clothes like leggings, tights and shorts that are designed with the gym in mind. They’re made to be lightweight, with moisture-absorbing fabric like adidas AEROREADY to keep you comfortable and focused.
The best women’s shoes for HIIT provide stability for actions like lifting as well as flexibility for moving in multiple directions. They’re designed for high-intensity workouts with features like a stiff heel and a soft forefoot for agility. Shoes that work in tandem with women’s workout clothes have breathable uppers and springy cushioning, so they can handle running or jogging plus box jumps, bear crawls and burpees.