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Women's Strength Training Gear

Grab a heavier kettlebell, or put more weight on the bar. Women's strength training gear from adidas helps you push past your limits.

adidas Women's Strength Training Gear

Tackle all your goals and see the fruits of your labor in women's strength training gear from adidas. If building strength is what you're looking for, check out our women's weightlifting clothes. They're made of soft and stretchy materials that mold to your body for a snug and comfortable fit. We know how important it is to stick to your routine, even during those tough days of the month. Period-proof leggings have a no-show multilayered protection system that protects against leakage when worn with a cup, tampon or pad, so you can train confidently and without distractions. AEROREADY helps keep you dry and laser-focused on your goals.

Of course, we'd be remiss to exclude a comfortable pair of shoes from our women's strength training gear. Dropset Trainer shoes are responsive to every move you make in the gym and incredibly intuitive. A midsole drop lets you feel the moment you make contact with the ground to encourage proper form and increase confidence in your movements. Soft cushioning promotes stability on your heel and front of your foot. Pick your favorite color, design or pattern, and smash every short- and long-term goal in your sights in our women's strength training gear.