Women's Running Hats

Find the missing piece for your workout in any season by exploring adidas women’s running hats. Find breathable caps to fight summer glare and cozy beanies made for the winter chill.

adidas Women's Running Hats

Bring the shade with you in women's running hats from adidas. Keeping distractions away when you're out on the tracks is essential to getting in the zone and being at your best. And just when you thought the summer weather was here to take away the wet, muddy conditions, and get you back in your groove, the sun comes out. Harsh glare. Blinded vision. Dripping sweat to make it even worse. All of a sudden your afternoon jog in the sun has become a task just to get home safely. Cars going by. Hidden rabbit holes. Other pedestrians to watch out for. One thing is for certain–there are plenty of distractions to take your focus off what's important. And all because of that bright sun you've been waiting months for. Don't let the heat stop you from reaching your fitness goals. Whether you're hitting the pavement or the gym, our range of running hats will help keep you cool and comfortable wherever you head off to. Work out without distractions with adidas women's workout hats.

Keep your cool when you need it. Hot weather runs, sunny day sprints, mid-summer adventures. Block out the sun and make sure you're always shining when you head out onto the tracks. Our range of women's running hats are designed with performance in mind, to keep you comfy and happy as you stride to be your best. Forget you're wearing a hat at all thanks to the lightweight constructions of our women's jogging hats. Don't worry, that vital protection from the sun will remind you it's still on. Innovative technologies will help you stay in the zone. AEROREADY absorbs moisture to keep those annoying drips of sweat at bay. When the temperatures really soar, HEAT.RDY will help you stay cool and in the zone. Keep breezing through the wind with mesh panels that provide the much-needed ventilation to stop you from overheating. Keep up your momentum when the temperature drops with women's beanies made with cozy knit fabric. Women's winter running hats also feature moisture-managing technology, so you can run without feeling soggy or irritated while you keep warm–and focus on your speed.

Get in your zone with women's workout hats all about performance. Gear up with features that make a difference. Always be covered with curved brims that keep weight and bulk down, but sun protection up. Get the perfect fit every time with elastic back closures that make it easy to slip on and go, and make sure your hat stays where you want it all day long. Hook and loop closures make adjustments even easier. Keep your hair tucked behind you and out of your way with hidden ponytail holes and clips. Choose features that match your needs and running style to get the most out of every workout. Block out more than the sun with women's jogging hats. Leave those passers-by and city-goers behind as you rack up the miles and set your sights on that new personal best.

Comfort meets style. Set off with fresh motivation and style every time you hit the track, pavement or trail. Women's running hats from adidas complete any athletic outfit with lasting comfort and iconic Badge of Sport details. Sleek silhouettes, 3-Stripes graphics and crisp tones elevate your look no matter your pace. Choose colors to match your vibrant personality, or simple and understated styles to your taste. Reflective details will help you shine when the sun sets. So whether you're looking for a baseball hat to keep the sun out of your eyes on your next morning jog, or a workout hat to help you keep cool during your afternoon run, check out our collection to get you out enjoying the world on two feet. Shop adidas to discover women's running hats that block out distractions and help you go further.