Women's Nizza Shoes

Build your outfit from the feet up with these adidas women's Nizza shoes. They're tough yet chic, retro but modern. Made for sports, destined for greatness.

adidas Women's Nizza Shoes

An '80s B-ball shoe turned everyday sneaker, women's Nizza shoes from adidas are a slam dunk in style terms. Low top or high, pared back or plastered in a bold print, these sneakers balance retro sportiness with solid construction. So you can wear them on repeat, safe in the knowledge that the vulcanized rubber soles were built to bounce around endlessly on the hardwood — so they're pretty tough — and that a design this iconic is never out of fashion. While high top women's Nizza shoe styles work well with midi dresses or crop pants that show off their ankle-topping lines, low tops are a versatile choice that team with anything from jeans to joggers, mini skirts to workout shorts. Never one to shy away from recreating its icons, adidas is constantly coming up with new Nizzas, from fashion-forward collaborations to variations on its sturdy sole.

Elevate your look, in both senses of the word, with some trendy platform soles. Or if you're looking for high tops that are part sneaker, part walking boot, invest in some thick and grippy soles that will look just as good on the hiking trail as the social circuit. Continuing to prove just how versatile a sporty sneaker can be, adidas has styles you can wear for everything from a morning walk to an action-packed weekend, a day at your desk or a night on the town. Whichever pair of adidas women's Nizza shoes you choose, they're absolute winners.