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Women's College Gear

Support your team with our women’s college sports gear. Supportive shoes, comfortable clothing, functional bags and other accessories all designed in the colors of your collegiate powerhouse.
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adidas Women's College Clothes & Shoes

Show your school spirit, whether you're off to college, supporting your alma mater or rooting for your favorite college team, with adidas women's college clothes and shoes. Whether you're looking for the comfort of women's college tops or gearing up with all your necessary college accessories, we have everything to complete your athletic look. The sense of school pride you get walking through the college quad or lecture halls certainly can't be replaced or replicated. However, everyone can wear their pride on their sleeves — literally — with a complete women's college outfit. It's easy to do when you have a wide variety of choices. Find your favorite styles, and combine a new pair of sneakers that rock your team colors with a cozy hoodie that has your college emblem stitched on the front. Add a duffel bag that matches your outfit, and bam! You're head to toe in college pride. For everything from game day to school day, we have all the college apparel and gear you need to show off your school spirit.

For at the school gym or at the home game, look no further than our selection of comfy women's college tops in a variety of colors and sizes. Whether you're looking for a fandom outfit for tailgating or one for cheering in the stands, we have you covered with the women's college clothes and shoes collection. A classic training tee in cotton is perfect for hitting the diamond on game day or hitting the books. Tank tops with AEROREADY have you ready to work out in the heat like the college pros you support. Techfit leggings and tops move with you as you cheer or train, with a stretchy elastane fabric that also absorbs excess moisture thanks to AEROREADY technology. A classic team fleece hoodie will become your all-around favorite go-to, whether you're on the field or in your living room. With our large selection of women's college clothes and shoes, you'll be able to find all the right gear to gear up for the home game or just enjoy your off day at home.

Accentuate your team style with the adidas women's college accessories selection. You won't want to go anywhere without your college team duffel bags. They're easy to sling over your shoulder and stuff into a locker, so you can carry all your items around the college campus or to the gym in an adidas gear bag. These duffels and backpacks come in a variety of colors, so you can match your style and your favorite college team color. And don't forget to pack your gym bag with durable athletic socks that look good with any kind of footwear. Versatile socks that wick up sweat can be worn at the gym, on a 24K run or even at home watching the game on the big screen.

Say it loud and stomp around proud in your college fan shoes. Hustling between classes or from offense to defense, you're sure to make an impression in your women's college clothes and shoes. Your favorite athletic trainers with the adidas Boost you've come to love now have your team's logo printed right into the soles of your shoes. They're designed with your team's colors and comfort in mind, so you won't ever want to take these college team shoes off. And for a classic kick, you can find your team's hues from the large selection in popular styles like Superstars and Gazelles. Or slide into a pool slide that comes in a variety of color schemes to match your preference while repping your college poolside. Whatever your style, whatever your school team, you can find all the gear you want from the collection of women's college clothes and shoes to show your university support.