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Women's Black Basketball Shoes



When it comes to the gear, performance is everything. Nothing shows that you mean business on the court like women’s black basketball shoes from adidas. Choose an eye-catching color combination that makes a statement. Black and white basketball shoes are the classic combination of a modern look with a touch of nostalgia that you can’t go wrong with. When you don’t want the competition to see what’s coming, go for all black shoes that keep your stealth footwork undercover. If you’re a player who doesn’t mind a bit of flair, show out in black and gold women’s basketball shoes that back up the skills that you bring to the table.

But it’s not all show — behind these sleek colorways are performance features designed to elevate the talent you’ve trained hard for. Midsole technologies like Bounce, Lightstrike, Boost, and Cloudfoam offer a range of different cushioning and responsiveness to fit your unique athletic needs. For the player who needs fast and ultra-light snappiness, basketball shoes made with Lightstrike are the answer. For ultimate energy return, turn to Boost. When you want enhanced cushioning and flexibility, Boost and Cloudfoam deliver for every player. Browse women’s black basketball shoes for the latest in high-performance sneakers ready for the game.