Women's Adissage Slides

Good for the sole. Women's Adissage slides help worked-out feet relax and recover after intense training, work or play. With a footbed of flexible nubs, Adissage slides make every step a mini-metatarsal massage, with an adjustable upper that conforms to the shape of your foot. Whether you run, hike, climb, ski, play team sports, stand all day at work or do anything else that puts pressure on your feet, a pair of Adissage slides gives your muscles a break, so you can get back out there and do it again.

Women’s Adissage Slides offer great recovery benefits

When putting your feet through a grueling workout, a great outdoor adventure, or an intense yoga session, you need post-workout footwear that not only feels great but rejuvenates your feet. These Women’s Adissage Slides check all the boxes for a great type of footwear to use after any strenuous activity. They offer a nubby footbed that is flexible and will massage feet gently after a workout. The bandage upper will adjust for a precise fit for any size of foot. The cloudform midsole and outsole mean you can expect superior comfort when using the slides.

Wear these sandals after any workout

One of the most important parts of any athletic activity or workout program is to begin your recovery as soon as you complete the activity. When using these sandals, they gently massage your feet with every step, aiding in recovery to one of the most important body parts in any workout. Because these Women’s Adissage Slides also offer a precise and comfortable fit, they are easy to wear and help soothe tired and aching feet after strenuous activity.

Designed for a long life of regular use

Because those wearing these amazing slides will most likely use them on almost a daily basis, taking care of them will be of the utmost importance to their users. A beneficial part of owning the slides is how little you need to worry about their care. If they do happen to get soiled, you can simply rinse them off with a hose or in the sink or you can throw them in the cold water cycle of your washing machine to freshen them up. After that let them sit in the warm sun or on your bedroom shelf to dry and they are ready to go after your next workout.