Skateboarding Sweatshirts

Ride or relax, we have the skate sweatshirts to match your style. Show the world you love to skate with straight-up comfort that you can wear anytime.

adidas Skate Sweatshirts

Pop a few ollies and hit some grinds in the free-flowing comfort of adidas skate sweatshirts. When you're on your board, you need style that moves with you and doesn't restrict your range of motion. Soft, flexible materials are key, like cotton or a blend of different fabrics like polyester and even spandex. What's most important is that it that feels great against your skin as you're dropping in or mastering a kickflip. Keep in mind that a relaxed fit in skateboarding crewnecks will give you the room you need to perform tricks. Also, skateboarding sweatshirts are great for layering if you're heading out on a chilly morning or as the sun starts to set.

At the skate park or on the street, individual style in skateboarding is essential. This sport is a celebration of self-expression, so choose a look that feels like it represents you and what you're all about. If convenience matters, opt for skateboarding pullovers designed with a kangaroo pocket to keep your wallet and phone right at hand. Want to zone out in your own little world as you alley-oop? Sweatshirts with adjustable hoods give you the option. Find the skate sweatshirts for you at adidas, and prepare to stick your style.