Petite Pants


Short but mighty – adidas petite Pants and joggers give you the extra edge

Maybe you're familiar with the problem of not sporting supermodel legs and know exactly what it's like to roll up your trouser legs all the time. If so, adidas is on hand with our range of petite Pants and joggers that gives you less so that you can do more, so to speak. Give your workout the ultimate boost with an ideal fit and the many other perks our designs feature. Available in a variety of colors and styles for both men and women, you can find the game for your legs with us.

A casual day out or bracing the mountains – Pants and joggers in short lengths can do both

A snug fabric or durable hiking gear? The choice is totally up to you, depending on where your preferences and needs lie. Our cotton blend French terry items lack nothing in comfort and snugness and can be adjusted at the waist. Side pockets and a slim fit make them a practical and stylish item in your wardrobe that can accompany you to both the sofa and the gym. Those whose adventures take them to the peaks of the mountains will probably prefer our hiking Pants with a water-repellent layer, UV protection and ankle zips, to name just a few of their features.

Keep it traditional with our iconic petite wear

Exploring new looks and combining different items can be great fun, but sometimes it’s equally fantastic to return to an iconic look that has stood the test of time. As part of our petite Pants and joggers line, we also feature adidas' iconic 3-Stripes design, which lets you show off your brand loyalty. Made from polyester blend, or polyester fleece for the colder seasons, the fabric is smooth and slightly stretchy, making these garments ideal for outdoor runs and soccer training as well as a home day. Ankle and arm cuffs make for a more tailored fit and side pockets add a touch of practicality to the style. To complete your look, you can opt for colorful sneakers from our vast shoe assortment, for example.