Overpronation Shoes

Find stability in overpronation shoes from adidas. For running, walking, golf and everyday wear, we've got comfortable kicks to keep you moving.

adidas Overpronation Shoes

Whether you're just getting rolling, upping your distance or training for a personal best, the right running shoes make a difference. When it comes to overpronation shoes, adidas has sneakers for running, walking and everyday wear. For walkers and runners looking to extend their range, the Solarglide 5 is a great option when you need overpronation running shoes. From an adidas Boost midsole to its LEP torsion system, you can count on it for stability and energy that gives back with every stride. If high-intensity training is your preferred workout, the Droplet trainers combine a stiff supportive heel with a grippy outsole for the stability to lift and agility to move fast.

When you spend long days on your feet, your choice in shoes makes a big difference in comfort. Our selection of everyday shoes for overpronation includes the always stylish mid-height and low-cut versions of the Nizza platform shoe. Its vulcanized rubber outsole stands out and provides great traction indoors and out. We have a wide selection of spiked and spikeless shoes for walking the golf course too. From the high-performance fit and feel of the Tour360 and ZG21 golf shoes to the casual look and feel of the Flopshot or a Stan Smith, adidas has golf shoes for every level of play. Whether for sport or routine walking, treat your feet to the right overpronation shoes.

Overpronation Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Neutral running shoes are great for runners with high or medium arches whose feet don't tend to overpronate or underpronate, or land on their heels' edges. The shoes are made to let your foot move freely (versus stabilizing it), so neutral running shoes have less midfoot support than other kinds of running shoes. Instead, they typically focus cushioning at the heel for handling impact and at the toe for push-off.
Runners whose feet have high or medium arches and a stable foot strike — that is, their feet move in a direct heel-to-toe gait — like the flexibility and light weight of neutral running shoes. (Runners whose ankles and feet tend to roll to the inside or outside should look for stabilizing shoes with more midfoot support.) Visit our blog to read more about how to choose the right running shoes.
Neutral running shoes work well for many runners, so they dominate the footwear marketplace. The shoes are relatively lightweight and flexible, with a bit less cushioning in the the midsole than you'd see in a running shoe made for arch support and stability.