Men's White Tennis Shorts


Men’s white tennis shorts

Providing lightweight comfort and court-friendly coverage, a pair of white tennis shorts is essential to any game. The adidas collection of men’s white tennis shorts features a range of fabrics specifically designed to allow you to move freely on the court, while also keeping you supported and cool during practice. Pair with a white polo shirt or t-shirt for a crisp all-white Wimbledon look, or team with your favorite casual tee for off-court style.

Keep your cool on the court

adidas men’s white tennis shorts work that little bit harder to keep you comfortable on the court. Ideal for outdoor practice, clever fabrics with built-in UPF 50+ protection and cooling technology work with you in the heat, keeping your skin cool and dry as the court temperature rises. For sets that work up a sweat, look for men’s white tennis shorts with moisture-wicking fabric. These shorts help to carry moisture away from your body, keeping you dry throughout your game. The adidas range of men’s white tennis shorts also features mesh inserts on the waist and inner legs for essential ventilation during high-powered games.

Sustainable shorts with serious eco cred

For an ocean-friendly game, choose a pair of men’s white tennis shorts from the adidas partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative. These sustainable products help to support global cotton farming. The adidas collection of men’s white tennis shorts also includes dope-dyed designs that save at least 10 liters of water per pair. And for serious eco cred, look for white tennis shorts made with plastic that’s been picked up from coastal communities and beaches before it’s had a chance to touch the ocean.

Choose the right shorts for your workout  

The right pair of men’s white tennis shorts should be geared towards both your personal and your workout style. Regular fit tennis shorts cut just above the knee are a versatile and classic choice for men who hit the court regularly but also want shorts that will coordinate with gym and casual wear. And for extra support and coverage through every swing, look for a nine-inch seam and an adaptable drawstring elastic waist. For high-intensity games, adidas white tennis sport tights provide a high-compression, muscle-hugging fit for optimized performance during even the toughest endurance sets.