Men's Waist Bags & Fanny Packs

You're always ready for whatever's next with men's waist bags from adidas. Versatile styles keep your gear organized when you're on the move.

adidas Men's Waist Bags

Men's waist bags are perfect for taking on long walks, hikes, bike trips or any other excursion where you need to bring some bare essentials with you but you don't have quite enough room to stuff everything in your pockets. Our fanny packs for men are designed with the usual sport-inspired, pared-down adidas style. They're purposeful and inconspicuous, with functionally-minded features and subtle design details that give them a sleek look.

,An adidas men's athletic fanny pack is conveniently sized, with a maximum width of about 16 inches, or so. Most of our bags come with either multiple external and internal pockets or even fully-separated compartments, allowing you to keep items apart that shouldn't mix, like liquids and electronics. The pockets and compartments are softly lined and suitable for storing more fragile items, like sunglasses or earbuds, and are large enough to fit most of your other necessities–like a wallet, passport, keys, etc.–without being so bulky as to disrupt the bag's minimalist silhouette. Though this kind of gear is typically referred to as a men's hip bag, waist bag, or fanny pack, our bag's straps are adjustable, and can also be worn comfortably and snugly across the chest or more loosely over the shoulder. Those who do a lot of spring and autumn hiking (or who simply live in rainy climates) can pick a bag made with water-resistant material so that your stuff will stay dry even after an unexpected downpour. And although our bags aren't machine washable, they can be easily cleaned by hand with a damp cloth after any wet or muddy outdoor adventure, which will help maintain their presentable appearance for day-to-day use. The color palette for most of our bags is on the restrained side, but we do offer some bright and flashy colors as well. Choosing brighter, more noticeable tones can be a good idea for runners and cyclists, who will want to be as visible as possible to vehicles during early morning or evening hours when light levels are low. Frequent rural hikers can also benefit from choosing brightly-colored equipment as an extra precaution in the event that they get lost and search and rescue is needed.

More of an urban type than a wilderness enthusiast? Men's waist bags also have major benefits for city goers. One big advantage of fanny packs for men is that by storing your stuff in a bag rather than in your pant pockets, you preserve the shape and fit of your favorite pants. Stuffing a bulky wallet or phone in your jeans gradually stretches them out around the waste, and over time can distort them until they're no longer a flattering fit. And there are potential health benefits to keeping your phone stored in a separate bag as well. Cell phones emit radiation even when they're not being used, and while it's unclear what the possible health consequences of the long-term exposure to that radiation might be, it won't hurt to place another barrier between you and your phone.

There's no need to bring a big, bulky backpack with you everywhere you go when all you need is your phone and wallet, and there are a number of circumstances where it just makes more sense to carry a hands-free bag that fits securely over your body without causing discomfort. Whether you're looking for a casual men's fanny pack for everyday wear, a sports-inspired men's hip bag to take to the gym, or you just need something to hold your keys and water while you're wearing your pocketless stretch cycling or running pants, we've got you covered! Shop our collection of men's waist bags now and find the ideal hands-free compartment to complement your lifestyle.