Men's Vest Tops

Welcome cold-weather workouts in men's vest tops from adidas. You'll get protection from the elements in an insulated running vest. A durable water-repellent coating sheds light showers, while mesh at the back adds ventilation for optimal temperature regulation. Find a versatile biking gilet, push through cold-weather rides and let lightweight WIND.RDY offer protection on breezy days. Or stick to your early-morning tee time in a hooded golf vest done in soft polar fleece with enough stretch to keep you playing at your peak.

adidas Men's Vest Tops

When you're looking to layer up for the colder months or stay cool during the warmer ones, adidas men's vest tops can provide the perfect answer for your active lifestyle. From puffer vests to sleeveless running down vests, our collection is versatile and based on helping you achieve the most comfort with the greatest performance. Our vests offer plenty of different options to help you choose between a lightweight quick-drying fabric, or something that stands out, even after the sun goes down. Maybe you're looking for help to cool down on hot summer days or you need an insulating material to help you keep warm for an outdoor workout. Try one of our puffer vests or padded vests for warm design and all-day comfort. We also feature vests for layering up, plus other long-sleeved tops that have breathable designs and sport-inspired cuts.

You can find plenty of original style in a men's puffer vest. These jackets offer a lot of fabric variety and style to match. Our Padded Stand Collar Puffer Vest is what you want to wear when a parka is too much, but you can't get enough chic. These puffer vests provide abundant warmth despite being smaller and more stylish than a jacket twice their size. They're great for layering over a shirt, or a long sleeve tee, and the Trefoil logo sits over your heart, right where it should. Shout out your brand pride, and compliment the look with some iconic 3-Stripes track pants or sweatpants if you want to go super casual. Try the classic adidas puffer vest for material that's water-repellant but also resistant to wind so you can be protected from nature's unpredictable ways. With WIND.RDY technology, the temperatures may still drop, but your comfort level always remains the same.

It's nice to have a few options in the closet when you need something lighter weight. Try a men's padded vest from adidas and you'll have a lot of options to choose from, whether it's a cozy fleece to go with your 3-Stripes track pants, or a lightweight puffer that shows off your style. From walking the city streets, hiking up mountain trails or exploring the backcountry, these vests are your ticket to insulated warmth and comfort. Stay dry in the rain and insulated from the cold so your trek can go the distance. A 3-Stripes insulated vest is a great way to keep busy during a workout. Wear it over a shirt or under a rain coat. The elastic armholes and hem offer you the room you need to lunge, lift, and sprint. Front zip pockets make it easy to store your essentials like a phone and wallet when you're on the go.

A men's down vest is the perfect layering idea for colder days when you still want plenty of room to move. Not only does the material resist rain and keep you dry during a storm, the full zip and stand-up collar help shield you from wind and the elements. When you're not sure if today's the day to beat your best run time, a down vest is the perfect layering option. Hit the running trail with the Own the Run Vest. The slim and lightweight fit is made for breaking your best time and shattering expectations. Look for our insulated running vests with extra pockets to keep your phone handy. Reflective details mean you'll also be able to safely traverse farther and for longer. When the sun sets, you'll still be visible, and the insulation that our vests provide will keep you warm. Look for other adidas men's vest tops today!