Men's Skateboarding Long Sleeve Shirts

Throwback styles and creative spins on 3-Stripes heritage. Layer up or sleeves out, and find your personal style with adidas men's long sleeve skate shirts.

adidas Men's Long Sleeve Skate Shirts

From heavy sessions to heavy hangs, adidas men's long sleeve skateboarding shirts offer the fit, comfort, design and 3-Stripes style that goes to greater lengths. With an array of colorways, graphics and collaborative artwork from riders, designers and creatives dedicated to skateboarding, the adidas skateboarding range offers all the options you need to customize your fit. From shorts to pants, track pants to workwear, switch things up with long sleeve design that brings a different vibe to any outfit. Using lightweight construction and breathable materials, and available in cuts and fits that complement your personal style, adidas men's long sleeve skateboarding shirts offer the options you need, regardless of weather.

Layer up or go bold with simplicity knowing adidas men's long sleeve skateboarding shirts were designed for skateboarding and provide iconic style, on or off the board. More than standout style that matches your vibe, adidas skateboarding men's long sleeve skate shirts are a 3-Stripes statement designed for optimal comfort. Made to move and designed for modern skateboarding, the stretchy fabrics, versatile cuts and long sleeve design of our adidas skateboarding long sleeves allow you add fire to your fits and bring comfort to every moment, on and off the board. Shop the range of men's long sleeve skate shirts, and find the graphics, styles and colors for your next session.