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Marvel Clothes & Shoes


adidas Marvel Clothes & Shoes

Superheroes and sports are a natural combination, and adidas Marvel clothes and shoes are the best of the best. The characters that come alive on the comic book pages and on the movie screens of the world inspire fans everywhere with their otherworldly powers and their dedication to fighting the good fight. While they are just stories, here in the real world, sports provide an avenue for athletes of all ages and abilities to channel their own power. Whether it's on the court, on the course, in the gym or in the field, athletics are the perfect outlet for directing energy to beneficial ends — just like Marvel superheroes. The collaboration between adidas and Marvel showcases the power of sport by leveraging superhero colors and designs. adidas offers Marvel apparel, footwear and accessories for both kids and adults, providing a wide selection of awesome styles that are comfortable and functional and give you the confidence to be your best.

Black Panther has proven to be one of Marvel's most popular and successful movie franchises. The story of Wakanda and its king, whose impressive power is matched only by his sleek style, resonates with fans all over the world and has inspired athletes of all ages and abilities to tackle any challenge like a superhero. adidas offers a selection of activewear in collaboration with Black Panther, including jerseys, tank tops, pants, swimwear, backpacks and shoes. Great for outfitting your workout, adidas Black Panther tops embellish some of the brand's most popular silhouettes with the black, metallic-gold and royal-purple colors that give the superhero his striking identity. Design elements from the movie show up in unexpected places on the apparel and footwear, tying your look to the marvelous world. Whether in the gym, in the pool or on the playground, Black Panther clothes and shoes bring superhero style to your own story.

Black Panther x adidas clothing has a sharp, sophisticated look, but maybe there's another superhero that's your favorite. Made especially for little kids, Marvel footwear that features Spider-Man gives up-and-coming young athletes the fun colors and exciting designs unique to everyone's favorite web-slinger. Bright, sporty red, white and blue colors give these little kids' shoes an active and eye-catching style — just like Spider-Man swinging from webs between skyscrapers on his way to stop the bad guys. But the colors are just part of fun. Little kids love the eyes that show up on the shoe's heel, or the comic book-inspired graphics that jump off the shoe's upper. Spider-Man sneakers for little kids are lightweight, comfortable and extra easy to put on. Little ones get to practice putting on their own shoes, thanks to lace-free designs that kids can simply slip on and strap down before they get to playing.

In their world, superheroes like Black Panther and Spider-Man do amazing things. But at the end of the day, movies and comic books come to an end while life in this world keeps moving along. Marvel apparel and footwear from adidas brings some superhero inspiration and style to kids, teens and adults. It's all about being super at what you do. Maybe you're training for a marathon or trying to up your lap times to make the high school swim team. Maybe you're getting back into the gym or just trying to inject some energy into your fitness routine. Marvel sportswear by adidas brings the attitude, style and performance technologies to help you tackle whatever goal you have set. And for little kids, outfitting them in super-cool footwear and clothing inspired by their favorite superhero plays right into their active imagination. With Marvel clothes and shoes, they can run, jump and play alongside Spider-Man or Black Panther.