Kids' Yoga Clothes

Everything they need to gear up for their mindful practice. Kids' yoga clothes are made with all the comfort of the grown-up size. Because adidas.

adidas Kids Yoga Clothing

Get ready for some serious stretching and posing in adidas kids' yoga clothing. We've got just the motivation for your little one to put in their time on the mat, with a fabulous selection of high-performance styles for kids of all ages. Whether they enjoy yoga or Pilates, we have bike shorts and tank tops as well as tees for kids of all shapes and sizes. Our collection of kids' yoga wear promises an array of comfortable styles that help your little yogi achieve peak performance and enjoy built-in comfort. We make our materials from high-quality fabrics designed to increase comfort, thanks to moisture-wicking technology, so they won't overheat. And with various colors and patterns to choose from, there's a perfect look waiting for your child. Enjoy a range of sizes too, for everyone from the smallest student of yoga to the master pro.

Complete their kids' yoga outfit with a wide selection of options, from our classic 3-Stripes bike shorts to a curved-hem tank top for better breathability. Mix and match, or choose a look for your little one they'll be sure to appreciate. Every yogi is unique, and expressing who they are on the mat is important. So we made sure that style and comfort were just as crucial in the selection as the quality of the fabric we used. From allover-print tees that show off fun and style to our sleek and stretchy tights made with moisture-wicking AEROREADY technology, performance and style were made to go hand in hand like yoga buddies. Not only will your yogi look and feel confident, they'll appreciate the benefits of an active lifestyle with better performance on the mat and in the gym. Watch them find their best Warrior Pose in comfort and style.

With kids' Pilates clothing, you'll be giving the little one a head start on their fitness journey and doing it in classic adidas style and comfort. From sports bras and tank tops to tights, leggings and shorts, we offer a variety of looks and styles that are made for a good Pilates session. Our fabric is made with a breathable and lightweight material, and it's extra soft and stretchy to support every leg lift, crunch and mermaid stretch. Give them bike shorts that are made with AEROREADY technology so they can enjoy moisture-absorbing tech that's great for high- or low-intensity workouts. We have bottoms options with wide, flat waistbands and fabric that's always ready for a good stretch. Each item in our kids' Pilates wear selection is a great choice for a good cool-down or a build up to a rigorous workout. We also offer plenty of style they can feature in their workouts, like a set of allover-print bike shorts or a muscle tank top when it's time to really turn up the heat.

As kids grow and learn to push their own physical limits, we want to make sure they have the best yoga apparel as they continue to learn and grow. Help them promote a healthy, active lifestyle and cultivate self-awareness and confidence with a little help from our kids' yoga apparel. Our fabrics are designed for the most flexibility on or off the mat, and everything they need is available for them to complete their entire outfit. From soft tees to tights, leggings and shorts in a range of styles, you can point them to a look they'll love. By giving them the benefits of moisture-absorbing technology, they will enjoy the benefits of an exercise routine and stay more engaged and motivated. Shop our adidas kids' yoga clothing for more healthy lifestyle ideas today!