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Girls' kids' sandals

The adidas girls' shoe collection is the perfect combination of comfort, performance, and style. adidas sneakers take your everyday look to a whole new level. Your kids' sandals do a lot of work and give you the chance to make a statement. The technologies and materials engineered by adidas are created to perfectly support you. The girls' kids' sandals from adidas are designed to suit your active lifestyle.

Made for creators – adidas girls' kids' sandals

With kids' sandals collections like Performance, TERREX and Sportswear, you are constantly one step ahead of the latest trend. Performance is made for athletes who are not prepared to compromise on style – it's retro design with a clear focus on performance. Are you looking for functional design combined with reliable performance in all conditions? adidas Terrex is all about outdoor activities which makes it your ideal companion.

We test new technologies like Traxion under real-life conditions; on the field, track and court. You will find kids' sandals in the Alta, RDY and adilette collections. When it comes to shoes, it isn't exclusively about style. When push comes to shove, our feet carry us each and every day. That's why we place great value on adidas shoes combining both style and comfort. There are kids' sandals in white, blue, pink, and many other colors.

We support sportsmanship and creativity. Together, we can break and redefine the rules, only to then question them once more.

Girls's thrive on moving their bodies and learning all the rules of the game. The collection for girls's from adidas is built to give comfort and confidence.

Girls' kids' sandals from adidas are your new support – especially if you are ready to exceed your goals each day.