Girls White Dresses


It’s game, set and game on and off the court in these fashionable girls’ white dresses

There are few sports that perfectly showcase the athletic prowess of girls and women while making a fashion statement more than the sport of tennis! From frilly to a stretchy and slim fit, girls will enjoy all the delicate features encompassed in our girls’ white skirts. For a more demure aesthetic, try out the tight fitted club skirt. The skirt comes complete with side slip-in pockets, side slits and built-in short tights to provide that much-needed coverage and comfort while your little one chases after the tennis ball. For the athlete who enjoys adding a more playful side to her game, then choose the frill skirt with mesh frill layers. Again, a pair of built-in short tights ensure the much-needed movement across the court is not compromised. Alternatively, you could go for the more classic look with the Escoude skirt, which has been designed to closely fit the body with two box pleats revealing a surprising color pop on the side for extra personality!

Unleash the superstar in your little one with our girls’ white skirts range

Is there a tennis player your daughter idolises? Then the adidas white skirts for girls’ catalog will have her emulating her favorite stars. Our adidas skirts for girls provide functionality of design to ensure the garment does not take away from her game in any way - this is crucial while building future number 1 players. Skirts are also designed with an elastic waist that guarantees the garment will remain in place while your daughter scurries around the tennis court. Plus, the sweat-wicking fabric that has been used allows the skirt to dry quickly in between points, to ensure your little champion remains dry throughout those lengthy three-set gamees.

White skirts for girls are multipurpose too

The best part about our white skirts for girls is how they can be easily incorporated as part of day-to-day wear even off the tennis court. For example, pair the skirt with a tank top and sneakers for a cute summer look. Alternatively, accessorize the frilly skirt with platform shoes and a halter neck top for a day out at the movies.