Girls' Volleyball Shoes

From practice to match day, girls' volleyball shoes from adidas help her perform at her best.

adidas Girls' Volleyball Shoes

Step up to the net and step up your game. Girls can dominate the court with the support of girls' volleyball shoes from adidas. EVA cushioning helps them put power into every set, spike and dig. It has a soft feel that propels them as they launch off the court and absorbs shock so they can land softly. As the action heats up, breathable mesh uppers are key to keeping feet cool. Because the game moves fast, lightweight shoes help them to stay ahead of the action. They'll feel free to fly across the court in designs that don't weigh them down. And of course, it's not a volleyball game without top-speed moves, quick starts and stops and dynamic jumps. Non-marking adiwear outsoles grip to court as they move, and they keep it skid-mark free. You'll also find a 360-degree grip pattern on some girls' volleyball sneakers. This volleyball-specific outsole pattern supports movement in every direction, so they can be lightning fast on their feet. Because game time can be hard on both shoes and feet, overlays on the upper add extra support and abrasion-resistant toe overlays hold up to even the toughest games. So lace up and get ready to swerve, set and block. Find girls' volleyball shoes to help girls tap into their best game.