Girls Pink Dresses


adidas girls pink dresses for girls who just wanna have fun

Our casual, short-sleeved, skater style pink dresses offer an ungameed sporty and yet feminine look. These versatile designs are minimalist yet classic, with the well-known Trefoil badge in white centerd on the front of the dress, accompanied by the white 3-Stripes down the shoulders. adidas girls pink dresses feature a regular fit that has been cut to a knee length for age-appropriate elegance. A blend of cotton and elastin also provides a stretchy feel, ensuring enough comfort and a free range of motion so your daughter never feels constricted by her clothing. Who said you had to sacrifice comfort for style?

Activewear and casual wear in one dress

If your little one is looking for the perfect garment to serve aces and expertly return volleys at the net, then an adidas girl's skater dress in pink will have her looking like a pro. And if she wants to be the envy of the kids' party, then why not pair her pink dress with gameing pink sneakers for the ultimate sporty pink fashion statement. Throw on a cap or shades and a cropped jacket in case it gets colder and she will have hit the ball out of the fashion park.

Skater girl dresses in different colors to suit all occasions

The adidas range of pink dresses features a range of styles and shades, so you're sure to find one your daughter will love. Darker toned dresses are perfect for little girls who sometimes stain or spill things on their dresses. For the more mature teenager, a white dress will give your child a fresh and polished look. And if your daughter is looking for the ultimate form of playfulness and a traditional feminine aesthetic, then the adidas range of girls pink dresses will provide the perfect solution.