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Girls’ performance sports shirts and tops

There's nothing better than feeling comfort during a full-body workout. Bring some style and glam to your routine with adidas girls’ performance sports shirts and tops. This adidas collection is made from soft jersey cotton for convenience and quality, whether you want to stay ventilated or move around freely. Looking good helps you to feel good and perform better, and these t-shirts do just the job.

The proof is in the detail

What makes this adidas collection so great for sportswear is the snug-fitting comfort designed to fulfil all your sporting needs. Our cotton range is lightweight and perfect for sweaty workouts. The style and design also mean that these tops can be worn as part of your workout outfit or simply on a casual day out. Alternatively, you can go for a similar look and do your bit for the environment at the same time by checking out our sustainable range, which features some of our tops in recycled polyester. You won't be able to spot the difference. Our t-shirts come in short-sleeved designs and we also have girls’ sports crop tops and tank tops available. The adidas logo has been innovatively stitched on to the t-shirts as a perfect finishing touch. Feel confident and comfortable during your workout by choosing from a range that gamees your style.

Choosing the right girls performance sports shirts and tops

If you’re unable to choose the right top for you, we’ve got you covered. while all of the girls’ performance sports shirts and tops are insulated and breathable, our range provides extra comfort and warmth. Going for a fitted top when doing workouts such as yoga will help you stretch easily and get into those flexible poses, while our looser tops are great for running or playing any other active sport.