Green Fleece Pants

Kick the ball with your besties, or kick back with a good book. Green fleece pants from adidas check warm and comfy off your list no matter what the day holds.

Green fleece pants

Don't let anything distract you from your routine. adidas outfits easily fit your style and you can take on your entire daily workload comfortably and full of energy. With fleece pants from adidas, you are equipped for anything. One-of-a-kind style combines with leading-edge materials and technologies, meaning that you are comfortable while on the go. With green fleece pants you'll be well prepared.

Made for creators – adidas green fleece pants

Our fleece pants are made from fleece and cotton. Anyone who is moving throughout the day needs to be able to rely on a material that continues to feel good by the time the evening comes. Cotton is ideal as a material for casual wear because it's breathable and you don't sweat easily.

Our brands combine street style with the needs of athletes

Whether it be brands such as Sportswear, Essentials or Performance, with adidas fleece pants, you won't just grab attention during your next training session – you'll also grab the attention on the way there. Performance is the product line for athletes who have the highest expectations of themselves and set the rules for themselves when it comes to fashion. Studio Lounge is our well-known fleece pants collection.

People who use creativity to revolutionize their world – adidas products for kids, men and women.

Green fleece pants from adidas are your new support – especially if you are set to exceed your goals each day.