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Disney Hats


Add a dash of Disney magic to your outfit with Disney hats from adidas. Characters like Mickey and Minnie spark up your look with their charm.

adidas Disney Hats

Deck your kid's lid in Disney hats, and let them start the day with their best animated buddies close by. Sunny days call for outdoor deeds. Disney caps answer, with lightweight materials that won't slow them down and curved brims to keep their face and eyes shaded. When the day's a scorcher, Disney gear with mesh panels on the sides and back lets cool air flow through, so adventurers stay comfortable all day long. Choose a cap with an adjustable strap-back closure for a snug fit, or get a fully locked-in feel with a durable snapback design.

The only thing left to decide is who gets to sit out front? Will it be the sweet and lovable main man, Mickey Mouse, with his fun-loving, carefree attitude? Or Disney's leading lady, Minnie Mouse, with her big heart and adventurous spirit? If your kid leans a little more toward the sassy side, Donald or Daisy Duck will probably pass inspection. Got a guy or gal in the house who's kind, caring and a bit goofy? Then you know exactly the Disney accessories they'll want to wear. Browse through our selection of Disney hats, find a style and character that speaks to your kid's personality, then send them out the door for a day filled with play.