Casual Samba Shoes

Born through soccer culture, our casual Samba shoes are a bona fide Sportswear icon. They take cues from the beautiful game into kicks you can wear every day.

adidas Casual Samba Shoes

Casual Samba shoes have been around for over 60 years — and for good reason. The original Sambas were designed to play soccer in frozen and weathered fields, but their style and comfort soon made them a worldwide favorite for everyday wear. Casual Samba kicks have a rich history in the world of sports. Their iconic design has been worn by some of the most famous athletes. Celebrities soon took notice and have worn them over the years. Today, casual Samba footwear is just as popular, though more so for the comfortable and streamlined design. Put on a pair to kick back with friends or to put the final touch on your casual outfit.

Casual Samba shoes let you show off your soccer pedigree without looking heavily sporty in a casual setting. Rock a pair of casual Samba tennis shoes for a brunch with friends, for a game of hacky sack or to hang out at home while you watch your favorite show. Browse the different color combinations, patterns, textures and designs to find the pair that suits your vibe. Pick up a pair of casual Samba shoes, and show off your own style, no matter where the day takes you next.