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Breathable Pants for Training

Whether you want comfortable, airy tights, shorts or pants, you'll find the breathable training pants you need here. Work out without distractions.

adidas Breathable Training Pants

Breathable training pants are sort of a no-brainer, aren't they? Even if you're one of those people who doesn't sweat a lot, when you're intent on taking your workout to new heights, if sweat distracts you from delivering your best performance or causes you to take a timeout to towel off, you're wasting precious time under tension. Pull on breathable training pants from adidas, and you'll get the most out of every minute you put in.

Look for moisture-absorbing AEROREADY when you shop for breathable workout pants. Our advanced sweat-wicking tech helps you feel dry, so you stay razor-sharp and in the zone. After all, you worked hard to put all the pieces together that resulted in that deadlift PR, and focus was one of them. Pair our AEROREADY tech with gear that adds ventilating mesh across your high-sweat zones, and you'll be almost unstoppable. And you don't have to stick with loose-fit or flowy athletic pants to get either benefit. Breathable workout tights and leggings with the same ingredients will feel just as good, and some will add perforations on the thigh or calf for an even airier feel. Step up to the squat rack or onto the leg machine in breathable training pants from adidas, and fire up your muscles for greater gains.