Boys' Sandals


adidas Boys' Sandals

Boys' sandals from adidas are a colorful and sturdy summer footwear option for active, growing guys who like to have fun in and out of the water. Made with quick-drying materials, our boys' water sandals are ideal for aquatic playtime. These slip-ons are easy to get on and off so he can hop onto the playground or jump into the surf quickly, even if his fine motor skills are still a work in progress. The sandals come in a wide variety of summer colors, like cerulean, intense red or clean and stylish black and white. So you'll definitely be able to find the perfect pair to match your prince's personality. After the weather cools down, the sandals can be worn indoors with socks and converted into an easy substitute for a house slipper, keeping your little man's feet off cold floors.

While kids' sandals are an easy, breathable and light footwear choice for any indoor or outdoor summer activity, they're a particularly smart pick for water play. And adidas offers different variations of our boys' water sandals designed to accommodate a range of aquatic activities your child might engage in. Two of our classic water-friendly sandal styles, Altaswim and Adilette, are open at the toe and heel, with two straps over the top of the foot, one behind the achilles and a soft textile lining. This design keeps the sandals firmly on his feet while allowing for maximum breathability, and might be most comfortable for kids who are prone to sweating. Closed-toed boys' sandals provide more coverage for vulnerable feet with soft skin, and minimize the chances of stubbed toes or serious cuts from playing on sharp rocks. Some of our special swim sandals also cover the heel for additional protection. Regardless of whichever style fits him best, the quick-dry materials used for all of our summer footwear, whether in the form of a breathable mesh upper or synthetic straps, are perfect for when you need to get him home and dry in a hurry after a wet and wild day outside.

For active kids who like to have fun outside the water, our boys' athletic sandals are also perfect for running, jumping and playing on dry land. The cushioned footbed used in our boys' sandals provides all-day, blister-free comfort. EVA outsoles grip a wide variety of natural or urban surfaces, making them highly slip-resistant when he's playing in the neighborhood or jumping around on a rocky shoreline. Strong hook and loop closures ensure the sandals won't fall off and get left behind during a frenzied game of tag, which is one notable advantage that these sandals have over more open summer footwear options for kids, like flip-flops or traditional slides. Despite their sturdiness, all of our summer footwear is constructed from surprisingly lightweight material, which makes them easy to pack up for camping trips or family vacations. But our footwear is also durable, so no matter what level of wear and tear your kiddo puts them through, our sandals are up for the challenge.

Whether you're planning a major family canoe trip or you just need something convenient that he can slip on and off for a weekly swim practice, your little guy needs warm-weather footwear strong enough to keep up with his bursts of energy. The adidas collection of boys' athletic sandals offers a variety of styles, colors, and functionalities to choose from. No matter what his activity of choice is, we've got a pair of breathable slip-ons that will help him perform his best. Browse our full spectrum of boys' sandals, perfect for any indoor or outdoor activity.