Boys' AEROREADY Shorts


adidas Boys' Aeroready Shorts

Get your growing boy ready for a day of play with boys' AEROREADY shorts from adidas. With our range of breathable options, your little one will be comfortable and cool, no matter the activity. Whether he's racing through the forest, chasing friends on the playground or practicing his layup for the big game, our boys' AEROREADY tennis shorts are designed to support his moves, with stretchy fabric and moisture-wicking technology that keeps him cool and dry. Lightweight materials make these shorts easy to wear on even the warmest days, while side pockets and drawcord waists keep everything in place. Our boys' AEROREADY athletic shorts are perfect for weekend playdates or outdoor adventuring. With their quick-drying construction, your boy can move comfortably through anything that comes his way. He'll love their lightweight feel, while you'll love their long-lasting durability. Give your son something easy to slip on in the morning and tough enough to keep up with his energy all day.

Your young athlete needs a pair of shorts that can last all day long. Boys' AEROREADY athletic shorts are designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking, so he can stay dry and focused on the court and in the classroom. Perfect for the young tennis star or the soccer pro in training, these shorts provide excellent coverage and comfortable wear to help him reach his full potential. The lightweight construction ensures that he can move freely while still benefiting from the impact protection and comfort that come with the signature AEROREADY technology. These boys' AEROREADY shorts come in all colors and lengths to adapt to your son's needs and preferences. When it comes to keeping cool and comfortable when the coach makes him run an extra lap, these shorts are made to go that extra lap with him. Each pair of boys' AEROREADY tennis shorts keep your kid in the game, whatever that game may be.

Boys are built to roam in the summer, regardless of the heat. So make sure your son is equipped to play hard through the afternoon sun. These boys' AEROREADY shorts are designed to help him stay cool, dry and comfortable, no matter what he's doing. And they can actually stand up to the punishment boys put their clothes through. Whether he's climbing rocks, wrestling with friends, sliding down hills or cooling off under the patio as he eats a popsicle, these shorts are built to endure without holding your son back. The moisture-wicking technology really helps him stay dry, and the stretchy waistband ensures a secure and comfortable fit with just the right amount of give. The elastic also gives the shorts room to grow with the boy, since kids tend to be taller in the evening than they were in the morning. With superior breathability and comfortable fabric, these AEROREADY shorts will be his go-to piece throughout the summer season. You'll have to beg him to change his shorts.

The world is filled with wonder, and every boy wakes up ready to discover it. When your son is catching bugs in the backyard, playing with the hose and racing his friends through the neighborhood, make sure he has shorts that can handle it all. Our boys' AEROREADY athletic shorts are made for the long summer days filled with activity. AEROREADY technology is designed to keep your boy feeling comfortable and cool during his warmups at soccer camp, and they're flexible when he's running around the park. The lightweight, breathable fabric helps keep him dry on hot summer days, and the built-in moisture-wicking properties move moisture away from his skin. The four-way-stretch construction allows him to move freely, whether jumping hurdles at the track meet or walking home after music class. Available in a variety of colors and styles, boys' AEROREADY shorts provide a relaxed fit and signature adidas look that can be enjoyed everywhere. Discover the perfect pair of boys' AEROREADY shorts from adidas today!