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A Breakthrough In Women's Tennis

AVACOURT, the new tennis shoe designed female-first.

History is punctuated by turning points. Landmark moments that signal the dawn of a new era. Moments that leave the world around us undeniably changed. And a whole new realm of possibility opened. For women’s tennis, the launch of AVACOURT is one of those moments. With AVACOURT, adidas is releasing a new tennis footwear franchise specifically designed for women.

AVACOURT breaks the mold with its many innovative design features.

The AVACOURT shoe emerges from a long-standing mold of how footwear has been designed in the past. We spent several years researching the differences between men’s and women’s feet, analyzing foot scans, fittings and wear-out patterns, in order to design a comfortable, flexible shoe, just for women and the way they play. All of which culminates in the numerous design features that make AVACOURT a revolution in footwear, and women’s sport. Equipped with a lightweight Bounce Pro Midsole for optimal cushioning, the shoe provides stability and cushioning in all the right places, engineered based on women’s preferences and average female athlete size. The TPU Torsion System offers an optimal balance of stability and flexibility for women, while the soft collar materials designed to provide comfort in the area where women tend to get more friction.



Much of the world we live in has been designed by men, for men. And tennis is no exception. When women started playing, all they did was compromising. Adapting. Adjusting. But today, there's a new priority on the court. And brands need to think outside the box. AVACOURT is the new standard, changing the way we look at women’s tennis forever. The women who leave it all on the court finally get what they deserve: the first tennis shoe engineered from heel to toe to unleash their full potential. Where can women take their game when nothing is holding them back? This is their time. Their game. It's their turn.