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Five Ten, the brand of the brave, has a new official home with adidas. Heritage and expertise merge to create a new line of high-friction performance footwear. The union began in 2011, bringing the best of both brands together in a unique line of products featuring the stickiest rubber, the latest material innovations and the unique DNA of Five Ten.


2018 Young Guns

19-year-old Slovenian Janja Garnbret dominates the competition, circuit winning the Overall Lead World Cup wearing the HiAngle. Rampage champion Brett Rheeder wins Red Bull Rampage using prototype shoes not yet released. The slopestyle champion takes the opportunity to try an early prototype of Freerider Pro—benefiting from adidas Primeknit technology—and puts down a commanding run, winning the prestigious title in a single round.

2017 Rainman

Steve McClure completes his seven-year project at Malham Cove, naming it Rainman—the UK’s first 9b. No stranger to Malham, Steve had already put up some of the country’s hardest routes at the crag over the past 20 years.

2017 Flat Pedals For Medals

Australian professional Enduro mountain bike rider Sam Hill takes his classic downhill shoes to win the Enduro World Series on flat pedals. After being told it wasn’t possible to win an Enduro on flat pedals, he proves the world wrong by winning the series overall, becoming World Champion, and doing it all wearing his signature Impact flat pedal downhill shoes.

2016 All-Free Solo Rope Ascent On El-Capitan

Pete Whittaker makes an “all free” rope solo ascent of Freerider on El Capitan. The route took him 20 hours and 6 minutes, smashing the previous fastest time of 4 days.


2016 Danny MacAskill Signature Model

Scottish pro street trials rider Danny MacAskill  continues to contribute to the brand with his second signature model. After the success of his first shoe, Danny came to us looking for a lighter, slimmer shoe for his unique brand of street riding. The result is an awesome, lightweight and street causal shoe with a high-tech outsole.

2015 Only the Beginning

Professional freeride mountain biker Brett Rheeder takes home a prize in the new Sleuth with Stealth Marathon rubber.

2014 The Weapon Of Choice

Danny MacAskill releases The Ridge on YouTube, reaching millions of views. Freeride mountain biker Andreu Lacondeguy  from Barcelona wins the Red Bull Rampage.

2012 World Domination

Downhill mountain bike racer Greg Minnaar wins the World Championship in Austria.

2011 The Way Back Home

Danny MacAskill releases video The Way Back Home on YouTube and becomes known for his melodic riding style and whimsical videos. It goes viral. Australian Enduro mountain bike pro Sam Hill takes 1st place at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships.


2007 Stickier Than Duct Tape

Celebrating ingenuity, invention and imagination on a grand scale, the television show Modern Marvels profiles Five Ten. The show equates the invention of high-friction Stealth Rubber to the creation of duct tape.

2006 Five Ten Dominates Descents and Ascents

Sam Hill takes 1st place at UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, Downhill in Rotorua, New Zealand. Canadian climbing star Sonnie Trotter makes his first ascent of Cobra Crack.

2003 The Flat Pedal Revolution

Australian pro downhill mountain biker Nathan Rennie wins the UCI World Cup DH overall title with the help of flat pedal shoes featuring Stealth Rubber.

2002 If The World Were Flat

Australia’s Sam Hill gets his first pair of flat pedal Five Ten shoes and wins Junior World Championships.

2001 Making History

Once described as the world’s best rock climber, American Chris Sharma wears Anasazis and goes on to establish the world’s first consensus 5.15a. He names the climb Realization.

2000 The Aussie Invasion

Five Ten Approach shoes become a cult favorite for hip, flat pedal mountain bikers bringing the brand status in the bike market. Three Australian downhill bike racers– Chris Kovarik, Sam Hill and Nathan Rennie start the “Flat Pedal Revolution.”

2000 Climbing Legend

Legendary Swiss boulderer Fred Nicole makes his first ascent of Dreamtime (8c) in Cresciano, Switzerland—arguably the world’s hardest climb to date.


1998 Keeping Things Equal

The first women-specific climbing shoe, the Diamond, is put on the market. Fred Nicole, establishes Radja, the first consensus V14 boulder problem.

1997 On The Hook

The Fishhook midsole is invented by Five Ten. A new technology that increases climbers' ability to stand on microscopic edges, it soon becomes the climber "go-to."

1995 Setting Standards

Swiss climber Elie Chevieux completes ascent of Massey Fergusson (5.14a) in Calanques, France - the first onsight of that grade.

1992 Take The Power Back

Wearing Anasazis, French climber JB Tribout snatches the first ascent of Smith Rock, Oregon. Rated 5.14c on the Yosemite Decimal Scale, it is one of the most difficult sport climbs in the world.

1991 Reinventing And Revolutionizing

The UFO is launched. A revolutionary world first in climbing shoe design, with the first down-turned toe, first slingshot heel and first velcro closure.

1988 Highest-Friction Rubber – The End

The renowned Climbing Magazine hails Stealth Rubber as “the stickiest rubber available.”

1987 First Climbing Shoe With Stealth

The first sticky-soled climbing shoe is made in the Vertical. Editors at Rock and Ice, a magazine devoted to all things climbing, describe the shoe as “stickier than flypaper.”

1986 Resoling Revolution

The rock shoe world is shaken up by the sale of Stealth Rubber to footwear resolers around the world. Resoling shoes other than Five Ten. A new industry develops around resoling climbing shoes. Many of the world’s leading climbers (sponsored by rival companies) secretly resole their shoes to gain “Stealth Rubber advantage.”

1985 Sticky Rubber Solution

Five Ten is founded when Charles Cole invents the first sticky rubber sneaker—the Five Tennie. The company’s name is derived from the Yosemite Decimal System, a method of rating the difficulty of rock climbs. Cole, a climber based in Southern California, gained notoriety for bold ascents in Yosemite and Joshua Tree National Parks. The Five Tennie  quickly becomes the shoe of choice for big walls and approaches.