Back To School Jackets

Stay warm, dry and comfortable in back-to-school jackets that stand up to the elements. Durable construction means they'll last all year (and beyond).

adidas Back To School Jackets

If you're heading back to the classroom, then it's time to find back-to-school jackets to keep you warm and comfortable all year long. Be sure to choose a jacket that can hold up to the weather where you live. A padded or insulated parka might be what you need if you're in a colder climate. Look for one that keeps you dry and protected against the elements, like wind, rain or snow. This will keep you feeling cozy and warm, whether you're walking to the bus or hanging out outside before or after school.

Back-to-school outerwear should definitely be durable, like every design from adidas. Each one is made with functional details that add practicality to your day, like plenty of pockets, an adjustable hood and zippers to keep cold air out. Materials matter too, because your jacket should last the entire season and beyond. But it's not just about utility — a coat can also give you the opportunity to put your personality on full display. From minimalist to patterned, find the right look to pair with any outfit for a look you'll love to rock. Shop our entire collection of back-to-school jackets, and prepare to be comfortable, no matter the conditions.