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Workout & Training Shoes

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Get the most out of your time at the gym with adidas' training shoes. Featuring supportive designs and the cushioning you need to protect yourself from injury, adidas weightlifting and workout shoes help you push yourself toward your goals.

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Creating new moves for a circuit, finding new confidence on the court, and reaching new levels of achievement—that’s what training is all about. Testing your limits is an everyday mantra, with excuses and distractions left behind in the dust. Each session is a new mission to go a step further than you did yesterday. Take that step with adidas training shoes. With their lightweight uppers, responsive cushioning, and durable outsoles, you might surprise yourself with the places you will go


Logging hours in the gym is a great way to get your sweat on, but with adidas training shoes, you’re not limited to the indoors. Jump outside with supportive workout sneakers and enjoy enhanced comfort and breathability as you make faster strides on streets and leap over bigger boulders. It’s up to you to define and create your workout, and adidas training shoes are there to help you in your journey.


Creating, changing, and challenging yourself is why the gym is your go-to spot. Find gym training shoes for versatile training or to meet specific goals. Try supportive soles with Boost or Bounce technology for responsive cushioning and next-level support during HIIT and cross training. Go for stable weightlifting shoes with flatter outsoles when you need to load on the weights—a shoe designed for weightlifting will give you a strong foundation for more explosive reps, leading to better PRs.