Stan Smith Athletic Sneakers

Endless fashion opportunities await those in the know. adidas Stan Smith sneakers provide unlimited versatility and the ultimate canvas for self-expression.
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adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

The expression "from the court to the street" calls to mind the original crossover sneaker: the Stan Smith. Named for one of the world's top tennis players from back in the day, adidas Stan Smith sneakers were designed for sport but soon became a staple of everyday fashion. Refreshingly simple, every era has made the iconic sneaker its own. Stan Smith shoes are beloved for their clean, uncluttered design, proving time and again that less is more. From original white with color pops on the heel and tongue to more modern color and material plays, Stan Smith sneakers offer something for everyone to love.

Beyond their unmatched style, the versatility of Stan Smith sneakers is legendary. Dress them up with slacks, a skirt or an upscale dress to put a sporty, laid-back twist on a fancier outfit. For more casual outings, dress them down with joggers, cutoffs or a comfy pair of sweats. Whatever the occasion, however you style them, adidas Stan Smiths can't miss. Their versatility extends beyond the types of outfits you can wear with them. Stan Smith shoes are the ultimate clean slate — a beautiful canvas upon which to create new masterpieces. Whether leather, suede, denim or other materials, Stan Smith sneakers always find new, fresh ways to look as good as ever.