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Red Football Cleats


adidas Red Football Cleats

Be a standout in the huddle when you wear these red football cleats. High up in the bleachers, your fans will clearly see you unleashing your speed down the field in shoes that are meant to be noticed. Whether it's your school color or your favorite color, it's as fiery and tough as you are. Lace up a pair of red cleats for football, and set off all the alarms. You've got goals for game day and nothing will stop you. Perhaps a pick six or quarterback sack? You know you can do anything in these shoes, red like the competitive spirit burning inside you.

Designed to enhance your performance, all-red football cleats feature a synthetic cleated outsole that will hold the line when you block and maximize traction. The uppers of our cleats form a seamless layer over your foot to prevent chafing and blister while allowing you the flexibility to pivot and juke with ease. A textile lining keeps feet dry and comfortable during the most grueling of practices. Our bright red football cleats bring the energy, not only in looks, but with the energy return of the Repetitor midsole. Tough enough to last all season, comfortable enough to wear even longer. Start your season off right in adidas red football cleats.


When it comes to football, being halfway committed won’t get you far. In 1936, adidas founder Adi Dassler arrived at the Summer Olympics in Germany with a new contribution to the world of sport—removable spikes. Dassler persuaded American track star Jesse Owens to compete in the spikes, and he captured four gold medals on the world’s biggest stage. Owens’ historic performance made the broader athletics community take note, placing adidas at the forefront of game-changing gear built for champions. adidas made a move from the ground up, evolving beyond spikes to cleats suited for the gridiron. Today we keep our eyes on the end zone, incorporating groundbreaking technologies and innovative materials that blend fit and function, comfort and charisma, for football cleats crafted to help you go all out on the field.

Follow pro trainer Tracy Ford’s football drills to increase your speed to an elite level.