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Red Backpacks


adidas Red Backpacks

When you're in need of a reliable accessory that packs bold style, search our selection of adidas red backpacks. Access your belongings in a top-loader style for outdoor adventures, or the Utility Pro 2.0 with its abundance of pockets and protection, including side earbud and charger pockets. Our collaborative designers like Stella McCartney also feature gorgeous women's backpacks. Carry more and do it with less physical strain with a stylish essential accessory with expandable details that give you extra storage. Look for options like side zip pockets and adjustable straps so that you can securely carry your training jacket or yoga mat without taking away space. It's for all the things you need to make a complete workout, all in one place. The padded adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable and easy to carry with you all day, and an air-mesh back panel comes in handy when you're transitioning from the gym to the office or the home. Now you can stow all your belongings in something secure and breathable.

Pack in your workout protein shake for your cool-down in our red lunch bags. We know that when you're in a hurry, a backpack is the most reliable way of getting around. And when you need a compartment only for your perishables, search from our selection of lunch bags. You can move from the house to the gym, or from the trails to the office, with a comfortable and spacious tote that brings your food with you and protects everything inside. Made from an insulating material, the lunch bags protect what's inside from the elements to keep your food dry. A divided mesh pocket on the inside holds an ice pack, so you can preserve cold-temperature food for longer. Wherever the trails take you, you'll be at ease knowing that your snacks are safe and cool no matter how hot it gets. Look for the air-mesh back panel when you want ample breathing room.

Cinch it up and go in a red bucket backpack. Designed with a drawstring closure at the top, our bucket backpacks allow for plenty of storage space and provide a convenient way to access your things with ease. Each combines the toss-in-everything ease of a tote with adjustable straps for easy, hands-free transport, and the cinch closure secures all your things. A small zip pocket on the outside stashes your phone for handy access. They're also versatile, so you can use them as school backpacks, beach bags or hiking packs. They're a great portable companion to protect your layering clothes, store a change of workout clothes or give you room when you want an extra pair of running shoes after a long day at the office. These backpacks are all about keeping your options open. And with so much storage room, you'll have plenty of options when you head out for the next workout.

When you need a more portable, lightweight option for getting around with some extra things, try our red mini bucket backpack. A traditional bucket backpack is great if you want to pack a lot on the go. But sometimes you don't have that kind of room and you're looking for a more lightweight option on your back that can still give you versatility. The mini bucket backpack offers an air-mesh back panel for breathability while staying stylish and compact, with just enough room for the essentials. It's great for the hiking trail, but it's also a great option when you need some extra stowaway storage. Throw it over your shoulder, or keep it nearby. It's one of many great options you can find in the adidas red backpacks collection.