Pink Water Bottles


Stay hydrated with adidas pink water bottles

You know you’ve been training hard when you work up a sweat, but to keep performing at your peak it is essential to replace the water that has been lost. Always drink enough water before, during and after your workout session as dehydration can cause cramps and fatigue and make it difficult to regulate your body temperature. Proper hydration will help you feel your best while you exercise, especially in hot conditions when your body has to work harder to manage your core temperature and heart rate.

Hydration on the go

adidas pink water bottles come in a wide range of ergonomic styles, with O ring screw tops that can attach effortlessly to a backpack for hydration on the go. Made from durable materials such as BPA free plastic, stainless steel or insulated aluminium, these pink water bottles feature easy carry handles, textured grips and notches that make them easy to hold onto with one hand and drink from mid-stride. adidas water bottles also come in sports sipper styles with leak proof screw caps. The wide opening is practical for easy refills and is convenient to clean too. Perfect for sports or outdoor activities, adidas pink water bottles are a gym bag essential that can also be slipped into a school bag or taken to work. An environmentally friendly way to hydrate, these reusable water bottles can be used again and again, reducing plastic consumption with every refill.

The perfect workout accessory

Both elite and everyday athletes need proper hydration during exercise and a pink water bottle is a useful accessory to take with you on the go. How much you drink depends on how much you sweat, how long you work out for and your body type. Always make sure you have a bottle of water handy when you exercise, whether you’re riding your bike or going to a yoga class. Hydration is just as important after exercise too, as it will help to restore your fluid levels and aid muscle recovery.