Men's White Sneakers

White shoes are the bridge between a casual outfit and a sophisticated look. Keep it classy at work or around the house with adidas men's white shoes.
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adidas Men's White Shoes

The adidas collection of men's white shoes consists of an enormous variety of stylish, functional and durable sneakers suited to many different lifestyles, passions and tastes. A big portion of our men's white footwear is oriented toward athletic performance and was specifically designed to help athletes in many different sports take their game to new heights. Other shoes in this category might be inspired by the athletic world but are more commonly used today as dapper, eye-catching streetwear. However you plan to wear them, all these shoes have the same clean white look in common, and they're guaranteed to turn heads whether they're worn on the soccer pitch, at the gym or downtown.

Trying to choose from hundreds of different pairs of men's white tennis shoes can be a little overwhelming, particularly when they all have strong silhouettes and fresh design details to complement their bright-white feel. If you're unsure which pair to pick, start filtering through them by first identifying your priority use case. Where's the main place you see yourself lacing up your new white shoes over and over? Are you training for your first (or 21st) marathon and looking for the perfect pair of men's white running shoes to get you across the finish line in style? Then consider getting a pair of Ultraboost running shoes, which leverage innovative footwear technology to give you a return of energy for every stride. Are you tired of your feet hurting after every weekly pickup game? The padded Geofit collar in a pair of Postmove mids will give your ankles the support they need, and a Cloudfoam midsole will mold to the shape of your foot and absorb the impact of that killer jump shot. Trying to improve your speed on the soccer pitch? Ultra-lightweight Copa Pure cleats combine Fusionskin leather and a durable firm-ground outsole to give you propulsive acceleration and agility that would impress even Mohamed Salah.

What if your main concern is style rather than pure sport? A clean, sleek pair of men's white shoes is a non-negotiable must for every modern man's wardrobe, athlete or not. White shoes go well with virtually anything you might wear above them, making them a simple, throw-it-on solution whenever you're short on time and need to get out the door. But simple doesn't have to be dull. Men's white tennis shoes can be endowed with a bit of flavor via subtle accents, like a pop of color above the heel, funky prints along the outsole or our iconic adidas 3-Stripes on the side. This level of versatility is perhaps what gives white sneakers such impressive staying power. They've been a ubiquitous style staple for well over 50 years, outlasting many other footwear trends that have since come and gone.

Remember, most of our men's white footwear is equally suitable as both athletic wear and casual day-to-day wear, so it's hard to go wrong with any choice you make here. But if you're the kind of guy who likes to break a sweat on the basketball court in the morning and then boogie down at a hip hop club at night, consider buying two pairs of whites: one performance pair that you can dirty up during training and games, and one pair of tidy "dress sneakers" that you save for when you really need to impress in professional or social environments. And when in doubt, sometimes the safest bet is just to go with a classic model and call it a day. There's a reason Stan Smiths and Superstars have been perennial favorites for decades. Whether you prefer to go with a reliable model that's already stood the test of time or you plan to be an early adopter of a new design and set the trend, you can shop men's white shoes from adidas to level up your performance and add a crisp, neat finish to your look.