Men's Headbands

Add a touch of style to your look in one of our men's headbands. They let you stay dry and in the zone while you tackle those workouts or focus on your game.

adidas Men's Headbands

Keeping a few high-quality men's headbands in your gym bag is always a good idea for any male athlete with medium to long hair, or for any guy who simply sweats a lot, regardless of how much hair he has on his head. Having clear vision and maintaining distraction-free concentration can make the difference between winning or losing a key game. And our adidas men's workout headbands provide secure yet lightweight fits to absorb sweat before it gets in your eyes and to prevent your hair from obstructing your line of sight. These headbands ensure you can see at all times and help keep your focus solely on performance and achievement.

adidas offers a number of different styles of men's sport headbands for different personal preferences. Stretch headbands, made with a polyester and elastane mix, are a great no-fuss pick for anyone who's concerned that their headband might slip in the middle of an important play. A double layer of mesh fabrics allows for breathability even as your heart rate really starts to increase and the headband starts to soak. These men's headbands have a silicone interior to softly grip your head and stay put, no matter how much you move around, making them ideally suited to basketball players, soccer players, runners or anyone who engages in high-intensity interval training. You can choose from a wider or more narrow version of our stretch headbands — men with thicker hair are usually advised to choose a wider headband, while a more narrow headband should be fine for men with thinner hair. Heavy sweaters will typically benefit from thicker and wider headbands, which cover a wider surface area and can absorb more perspiration. Some adidas headbands also incorporate an advanced, moisture-managing technology called AEROREADY. This special fabric technology will wick moisture away instead of just trapping it on your forehead. It lifts perspiration off your skin and into the fabric itself, before releasing it into the air. This keeps you dry and content throughout grueling workouts, even on really hot days.

Men's athletic headbands that tie together in the back have a slightly different feel and a very different look than stretch headbands, which form a continuous circle around the head. And the use cases for tie headbands are typically different too. Rather than having a silicone grip, you can keep them in place by tying a snug knot at the back. They're typically thin, light and soft, but they still absorb sweat well. Tie headbands are usually a bit more narrow than stretch headbands, and they're generally better suited to low-intensity exercise, like yoga, walking or low-incline hikes. Depending on how thick they are, tie headbands can usually also be worn under your favorite hat on sunny days when you want to protect the top of your head. Lining your head this way with a light fabric can prevent sweat lines from appearing on the hat's lining. In terms of style and visual impression, men's headbands that tie in the back have a slightly more dramatic look than stretch headbands, due to the cascade of fabric that falls beneath their tied knot. Tied headbands might also come in a wider variety of prints than stretch headbands.

Whether you prefer the grippy stretch version or a classic tied look, men's workout headbands from adidas ensure you'll never have to worry about your vision being compromised or your perspiration bothering you during another workout or match. If you're searching for a headband that will stay comfortably in place during a workout while still managing to look clean and stylish, we've got the perfect headgear for you. Check out our selection of men's headbands now, and find exactly what you need to keep your locks in place and your brow sweat-free.