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Latest Hats For Men

Y-3 Black Y-3 STRP CAPY-3 Black Y-3 STRP CAP
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Originals Silver Road CapOriginals Silver Road Cap
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Road Cap


Y-3 Black Y-3 JFA Bucket HatY-3 Black Y-3 JFA Bucket Hat
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Y-3 JFA Bucket Hat


Training Grey Comfort CapTraining Grey Comfort Cap
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Comfort Cap


Y-3 Black Y-3 STRP B HATY-3 Black Y-3 STRP B HAT
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Training Black 4NWNL CapTraining Black 4NWNL Cap
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adidas Latest Hats For Men's

The latest hats for men offered by adidas include lightweight snapbacks, warm beanies, sun-shielding visors, adventure-ready boonies and wide-brim bucket hats. Our new men's hats use state-of-the-art materials to keep wearers shielded but ventilated under the summer sun and toasty despite the winter chill. And you can style up your look by choosing a hat with a classic adidas design motif, like the iconic Trefoil logo or with eclectic new prints from trending contemporary designers.

adidas has a healthy obsession with developing and utilizing the most advanced textile technology and construction methods on the market, which we use to protect athletes from the elements, make our apparel as comfortable as possible and give our pieces added value and versatility. We incorporate these special materials and techniques into all our clothes, including our latest hats for men. Some of our new summer hats feature built-in 50-factor UV protection, which guards your eyes and skin against radiation from the sun. Non-glare undervisors are designed to not only block out the overhead rays but also prevent light from reflecting off the ground and back into your eyes. And if your head is prone to sweating while you exercise in the heat, some of our summer training caps use AEROREADY, a quick-drying technology that wicks sweat off your skin, absorbs it into the hat and then expels it into the air. More of a winter sports kind of guy? Skiers and snowboarders will love our latest beanies for men, which are made from super-soft acrylics and polyacrylics. Some beanies may even be reversible, revealing an alternative but equally stylish design and doubling the ways the cap can be worn.

Our collection of men's hats is vast, with a wide variety of hat types available to suit different seasons, sports and tastes. If you're unsure of which hat to choose, start by narrowing the options down according to your lifestyle and the types of outdoor activities you routinely engage in. A cotton boonie's wide brim and adjustable chin strap make it the perfect option for summer hikes, gardening and beach days. Golfers, on the other hand, would be wise to choose from either our latest snapbacks for men — which shield the eyes from the sun's glare during critical putts while staying secure on the head during more intense drives — or from our special bucket hats, which feature a daisy chain for storing extra balls around the crown. After you've decided on the basic type of hat you need, give some thought to the aesthetic elements that you're partial to. Our different hat styles feature subtle silhouette variations that can look very different on different face shapes. For instance, if you're choosing from the latest beanies for men, note that looser-fitting beanies can look great on round or square faces, as they can add a bit more height to your head shape. Longer faces, however, tend to look better with tighter-fitting beanies, which won't further elongate the face. Finally, consider the colors and graphics that you prefer. Is your eye drawn to exuberant, colorful prints? Are you inspired by images of exotic locales or the flag of your favorite foreign country? Or do you gravitate toward cleaner designs, like the adidas 3-Stripes logo set against a monochromatic background?

Whatever type of design you're looking for, our collection of new men's hats is always well stocked. And with new releases coming all year round, you'll definitely find something to match both your personal fashion sense and your outdoor passions. Whether you're a trendsetter or a classic dresser, a die-hard sportsman or a wilderness adventurer, we have the perfect selection of new headpieces for you. Browse the latest hats for men from adidas today, and be sure to check back regularly for more new arrivals!